Body Positive Outfits to be Proud of this Halloween

body posSo, despite what the ‘Mean Girls’ will have you think about Halloween, it’s really not all about getting into a sexy and borderline trashy outfit this Halloween, especially if you’re looking to promote and advocate some Body Positive vibes this year. Halloween costume assembling, for me at least, and actually for a lot of people out there, is all about the creativity and idea that go into creating an outfit which will depict exactly what you’re trying to show with your outfit. It’s not all about who can show the most skin ladies.

However, today’s post is all about finding the perfect outfit for your beautifully curvaceous plus size body, and when I started roaming Instagram and Pinterest for costumes out there that have been trialled and tested for all the plus size babes of this world, I was very quickly intrigued. There’s a certain trend starting with the ensembles that the body positive babes of the net are putting together, and the most notable of them all is how they have such a fabulous nick for creativity when creating their looks, plus, you can really feel the tribute that they’re paying to these characters, who essentially, were some of the first Body Positive babes to grace us with their awesomeness!

In my own personal opinion, I’m actually quite moved by the superpowers that these incredible women are doing to avoid the pre-packed route of Halloween, and end up dressing up like someone that they don’t want to dress up like. By showing your own pride and your personal plus size fashion sense, as well as pulling out all the stops on your Body Positive roots, you’ll look absolutely smashing, and never mind totally inspirational!

Here my top 3 outfit ideas for radically body posi babes that you can transform into your Halloween outfit this year!


ursulaYes, I know, Ursula is essentially the villain in the story, but trust me on this one, for many little chubby kids who grew up watching Disney movies in the early nineties, Ursula was the first ‘fat’ women that we got to see on TV. Scary as it is, she was also the first media representation that showed us what they suggested – that being fat was portrayed as being ugly and ‘bad’.

With the clan of body positive babes fighting the fight of social stigma, there really is just something powerful and enlightening about restoring Ursula and her entire look in the same way that we have restored the word fat, into our vocab!

This outfit needs a serious commitment to some purple body paint, and if you can get some UV Purple Body Paint, that’s even better, imagine how you’re going to stand out at that hot club with your friends. Make sure you can get a silver wig and long black dress, also a shell necklace like this one would be perfect.

Peggy Bundy

peggy0bundyI personally don’t think that the famous Peggy Bundy played by Katey Sagal, the was a plus size gal at all, but take one look at the #PeggyBundy tag on Instagram and you’ll quickly see how her ridiculously tacky and wacky style has inspired gals of ALL sizes to take on her wildly crazy outfits. It was actually quite inspirational to see how many ways people are dressing up this look, even the Married with Children show hasn’t aired in over 20 years now!

To pull off this look, accurately, make sure you buy a ton of blue eyeliner and maybe a little glitter, and if you can’t find a Peggy Bundy wig, you could always get some temporary hair dye and go for her orange and fiery look. You’ll obviously need some leopard print leggings too!

Jessica Rabbit


I looooove Jessica Rabbit, and I can’t think of any kids from the early nineties that don’t like her, I mean is Ursula, the witch of the Sea, represents everything that is supposedly bad and ugly about being fat, then Jessica Rabbit, shows us exactly why it’s so good to be curvy and voluptuous! To a certain extent, the story-like tale of what is “acceptable” fat and that the hourglass is more privileged, tends to still be a big issue today. Needless to say I love that plus size model, Peach, has reclaimed the Jessica Rabbit look and made it her own, once again, proving that you don’t need to be a skinny stick to be gorgeous!

Find yourself a figure hugging red dress and pair it up with some purple gloves, and make sure you stock up on very red lip liner and lipstick, so you can keep those lips perfectly smooth all night!

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The Best Halloween Make-up Hacks for us Lazy Girls

facelace-bannerSo, I get it, I totally understand how having to come up with a unique, fun and great Halloween costume idea, every year, can be a tedious task, and soon you start running out of ideas right? Plus, you usually have to end up getting something last minute, and then you’re most likely spending a small fortune of getting the perfect outfit, only to be broke on Halloween night. Well, thank your lucky stars I’m here, because I’m about to show you how you can rock a completely unique, inexpensive but very authentic looking costume for Halloween, just by getting the right Temporary Tattoo! These Temporary Tattoos have been made by actual tattoo artists, they look so realistically ‘real’ and authentic that people will probably freak out when they see you at first, because it’s not really going to look like make-up, it will look real as ever, result!

Seriously, think of the potential for Halloween night with these temp tattoo’s… you won’t need to shop all over the place for the perfect, outfit, only to end up doing some last minute sewing on a costume you had your mom put together. No you don’t want that. These temporary tattoo’s come with so many different themes to choose from, ranging from a variety of vampire bites, to bloody flesh wound transfers, even elegantly mystical FaceLace Masks. With all of the choices, it will be easy to put something together in 10 minutes flat, and you’re most likely going to be the most epic looking of your friends.

Temporary tattoos have really taken off in the limelight this past year, with so many of us going crazy for the metallic silver and golden tattoos that have been all over the show at petty much any music festival this year. Arguably, the celebs of the world led the way with, I mean, with Rhianna’s partnership with jewellery designer Jacquie Aiche that saw the two talented women, very epically collaborate and start a temporary tattoo line. Of course my favourite face in the world of fashion and beauty right now is by far, Cara Delevingne, who also recently attended the Met Gala sporting a very lushly, beautiful temporary tattoo, that ran over both her shoulders, part of her neck and part of her chest, all thanks to the legendary tattoo artist Keith Bang Bang McCurdy.

    Halloween Themed Eyelid Transfers and FaceMasks

face-laceIf you’re going as a simple black-dress, hat-on-head, and broom-in-hand witch outfit again this year, that’s fine, you can wear whatever you want, we won’t judge, but why not give it a little bit of an upgrade and put some of these Halloween Themed Eyelid Transfers on. They are guaranteed to look phenomenal on your eyelids, with the delicately hand cut eyelid transfers, you’ll be able to create amazing results, from little mini graveyards sitting on top of your lid, to spiders dangling from the corners of your eyes, these eye transfers also have a ton of other styles that you could use for an ordinary night out as well! Plus, yes there’s more, the Face Lace Masks that you can get for pretty much nay outfit for Halloween, especially if you’re wanting to feel a little bit mysterious. Epic result!

The Full Face Tattoo Transfer

temp-tatoo-skullOh how many times have I seen “faded out” Cheshire cats roaming the streets on the morning of November 1st, their make up running and only the edges of the grin left, some may say that’s a obviously sign of a night out, I say she needs to get her next Halloween make-up – tattooed, just temporarily. These Cheshire cat grin tattoo transfers are the shiz niz when it comes to creating the most amazing, most durable and most epic looking Cheshire Cat look for your night out. . The Cheshire cat isn’t the only one you can get in these full face transfers either, you could go for a more zombie infested looking grin, or a full face skull tattoos, and it won’t smudge, get ruined or fade. Score!

Blood, Gore and Wound Tattoos

tattoo-temp-vampireOK, so of course there are them crazies who really like to go all out grotesque when it comes to Halloween, the more gory and gross, the better. Well these hard core creepy temp tattoos, are just too damn real looking for me, but are perfect for all the blood and gore lovers of Halloween who need a quick fix for their Halloween outfit this year. They come in cool little mix and match packets, so you can even share them around with your friends who also suck at doing Halloween costumes




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Spooky European Halloween Destinations

irish-halloweenAs much as you don’t think of Europe as the place for Halloween, I’m here to tell you that you’ve got it all wrong. Sure, America has pulled off wickedly awesome Halloween celebrations and traditions for years now, its Europe that has some of the creepiest and haunted cities. With such an ancient history in war and ancient mythical legends, how could Europe not be full of dark and spooky destinations to celebrate the day of the dead? I’ve selected what I think are some pretty astounding destinations to find yourself in over the Halloween Season in Europe.

Edinburgh, Scotland scotland-halloween

When you’re in Edinburgh, you quickly realise that there’s a different vibe about the Halloween celebrations in this eerie city. Halloween means a lot more than just dressing up in costumes, with kids trick-or-treating, no, there’s a deeper meaning to this Celtic festival called the Samhain. So many of the Samhain celebrations and traditions are still preserved within communities in Scotland and Ireland as well. With the ‘more than often’ reports on paranormal activities and the epically gorgeous Edinburgh Dungeon, you can be sure that there’ll be a ton of Halloween creepiness for you and your family to enjoy.

Dublin, Irelandbram-stoker-festival-dublin

So another Celtic Halloween destination, must of course be the Irish capital, Dublin. The warm and welcoming city has a different kind of charm about it when Halloween comes around. Perhaps it’s all the pumpkin Jack O’Lantern carving events that take place, or maybe just all the October events that take place in the city over the Halloween season. With the Bram Stoker Festival being one of the most popular Halloween events in the city, you can bet your bottoms there’ll be a ton of parades, fairs and all kinds of parties and market places. Dublin really is a flamboyant and sexy city to be in for Halloween, but it’s also very family friendly, so you can almost have the best of both worlds this way.

Ostend, BelgiumBelgium-masks

Ostend is very often also referred to as the City by the Sea, as it stretches miles and miles of sandy white beaches, with bottle blue ocean waters crashing on the shores, you wouldn’t think of this highly cosmopolitan city as the ideal Halloween spot. However, come October, and the city and all of its people completely transform into the Halloween spirit, decorating their streets, shops, cafés and their homes, Ostend is a great place to dress up for Halloween and join in on all the ghoulish and elaborately creepy events.

Barcelona, Spainbarcelona

As strange and farfetched as it may sound, Barcelona is actually pretty fabulous destination to spend Halloween. The strange city, with its weird history, and bizarre architecture, comes to life (or death) when the month of October begins. First and foremost, the Spanish in general, but more so the Catalans, are super famous for throwing extravagantly exuberant and unparalleled parties! Secondly, Barcelona is a very vibey and vibrant city, with a multicultural population of people who love the lights, colours and festivities that the city has to offer over Halloween! With options of all kinds to choose from on your trip to Barcelona’s Halloween, you could get dressed up for the fancy and lush parties at the cities top star night clubs, or dress up like a hippie and head out to the live music festivals. The city even organising family friendly events on the beach, for adults and kids alike. Plus, on the 2nd of November they celebrate their local Chestnut Festival, where you’ll get engulfed in the warm and delicious culture of the Spanish life.

Prague, Czech Republichalloween_3


This fairy tale city is a gothic haven of beautiful architecture and lanes that wind and twirl with mystery into alluring alley ways and macabre corners, and even though the Czechs themselves are not huge fans of the Halloween festivities, the tourists and expats living in the city have gained a huge community of young locals who annually join in on the creepy and eerie events of the romantically dramatic city. Prague is the kind of place that will give you chills down your spine, whether it’s Halloween or not, so just imagine when you combine the two. With visits to the spectacularly creepy old Jewish Cemetery, and the Torture Museum, you’ll be in the perfect setting for Halloween stories and ghoulish parties.

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Halloween Costumes You Can Put Together in Minutes!


I know I know, there are still 25 days till Halloween, but hey, who’s counting right? If you’re anything like me, you’ve been Pinteresting your favourite outfits since, well, all year, but come the morning of the 31st and you haven’t done any preparation for the elaborately, insanely scary, and witty costume you had planned. Forgetting that Pinterest is in the ‘interweb’, and not really behind a secret door in your closet, storing all your pins for you to use one magical day…no that’s the same fantasy I have, and thus end up costume-less or with a very quickly rushed make-up job for Halloween again ^^ Yip, that’s me, terrible make-up and all.

Honestly, I really do get it, it makes sense that even some of the biggest Halloween lovers in the world sometimes struggle for months to find the perfect outfit, which can cost a ton of money and takes up so much time. Well, let’s just look at how easy things really can be, to put together a costume for Halloween in under a few minutes. You really can’t be the only one that pitches up for the office Halloween party, or your best mates annual Halloween bash, with jeans and a shirt, no, no, NO! It’s Halloween, you have to at least attempt to put together some kind of outfit, and yes you can totally get together a wickedly witty outfit in under 10 minutes. Let me show you.

Menacing Minion

OK, the biggest and probably the cutest film of this summer. The minions are definitely loved by …umm pretty much everyone, everywhere?! I don’t think I’ve ever met a person who doesn’t like the minions. This is such an easy costume to put together.

minion-costumeAll you need to transform yourself into Kevin, Bob or Stuart are some old clothes – an old pair of denim dungarees. A yellow shirt, black gloves and a pair of big oversized goggles and you are set to go! You could always colour your hair yellow with some temporary hair chalk, so that you look ever so thought out in your Minion costume….even though it took minutes to put on.

Crazy Cat Lady

Hey, no one said you can’t be yourself for Halloween, just spruce it up a bit and tell people you dressed up as the crazy cat lady, they’ll never know that you really are a crazy cat lady, I swear, it’s a thing now!crazy-cat-lady-costumeYou could put together this costume in an array of different manners, from wearing your PJ’s and an oversized robe, to clothes with cats on them, but the most important role in this costume are the cats! Fill up your pockets, and handbag with stuffed soft toys kitties, or even just sew them to your coat.

Simply SuperGirl

Yea, I know, the latest superhero TV show hasn’t even premiered yet, but no one’s said you can’t dress up as SuperGirl for Halloween night, and no, that doesn’t mean you’re going to have to walk around with shiny blue man tights on, and a cape around your neck. Why not go for the ‘in transition’ look of SuperGirl.


Go for a casual Jean and button up shirt look, simply wear a SuperGirl T-Shirt underneath the button up, exposing it the SuperGirl logo, you could always just wear a blue shirt underneath and print the logo to stick onto your shit as well. So simple, So easy, So sassy! You’re welcome.

Practical Pumpkin Pie

I love these kinds of word-play costumes that people come up with, I mean, Pumpkin Pie, how much more witty and geeky can we get here?! It’s awesome!


To put this look together, dress in all orange, maybe even get some orange contacts and temp green hair dye while you’re on here, then you’ll have them ready and waiting for your outfit. You want to look like a pumpkin, remember. On your orange shirt, draw the Pi Symbol and bam! You’re good to go, plus this is a great couple’s outfit.

Umm…Any Social Media App!

OK, this, this right here is the influence of the millennial of this world right now folks! With all them apps and things out there, and don’t lie, I know you have a favourite one, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, which is probably my favourite… the possibilities are endless.

social-app-costumeSimply pick your favourite, and print out a large icon of the app, just like it appears on your phone, stick it onto your colour coordinated outfit, blue for Facebook, red for Pinterest, brown for Instagram, why am I even listing these, you probably know them better than I do. Through on a matching tutu, do your hair and make-up and wham bam, thank you mam’ – You’ll look adorable and it’s so clever isn’t it!?

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Luck of the Irish on Halloween…

Samhian-HolidayThe Irish are probably most popular for St Patrick’s Day when it comes to holidays, but not many know that the Halloween is also one of longest celebrated holidays in the little green county. The Halloween celebrations and traditions began thousands of years ago in Ireland, around 4000 AD, to be precise. So it’s not at all surprising that the Irish have a ton of super wild and weird Halloween traditions, some of which are strange, yes, we admit it, but the Irish are strange in general, why should Halloween be any different I say!?

Formally, back in the day, Halloween was actually a pagan festival that they called “Samhain” which literally means the “end of summer”. What the Celts believed back was that on the fateful night of Halloween, the spirits from the dead life would return to earth to visit the mortals, both creepy evil spirits and nice friendly ones. However because of their strong belief in this night, most towns and families will carry out all kinds of traditions from lighting bonfires in an attempt to keep out the evil spirits, to dressing up in disguises, so that they go ‘unnoticed’ by the evil spirits returning to seek revenge. Now as with most things Irish, they really do want to just get dressed, up drink a little and have some good fun, and although the Halloween celebrations in Ireland are not mainly focused on the dead spirits returning to earth to haunt us all, but more so on the dressing up and drinking part, they do still tend to hold firmly on to a few traditions that have been around for yanks now!

These are a few of the traditions that the Irish do every Halloween, some of them are ancient, but have stuck around till now, and some of them more recent – all of them, are guaranteed to give you a top notch and fantastic Irish Halloween night.

Irish Halloween Bonfires

irish-bonfireSee this is why I love the Irish, they have a perfectly reasonable excuse for building a massive bonfire to sit around and have a couple of drinks over. The bonfires are usually lit up on Halloween night, and people will gather around them to ward of any bad fortune or evil spirits seeking revenge. These bonfires are always huge, and gorgeous to stand around and watch, and some families will bring back cinders back form the ‘Samhain’ fire to reignite their extinguished fires which get left at their front door, this is meant to bring the family and its household good luck. The day after the bonfire, the ashes are usually scattered across the field in order to keep bad spirits away from the farmer’s fields and to bring them good produce.

The Jolly Jack-o-lantern

halloween-historyOk, so this tradition has two stories to it, one reason why this tradition was ritualistically carried out by the ancient Celtic’s and is still a tradition today was that folk would take a massive turnip with them to the communal bonfire, and hollow it out, so that when they walked home they could fill it up with some fire from the bonfire and light their way home. The second reason is a little bit creepier….

So in the 18th century it was believed that there was an Irish blacksmith by the name of Jack who used to collude with the devil, and was ultimately denied entry into heaven, so his black and dark soul was condemned to walk the earth for eternity. When he asked the devil if he could have a “little light” the devil gave him a big hollowed out turnip with a burning coal inside of it.

Some Irish people still believe that if they hang a lantern in the front window it will keep Jack’s wondering should away from their home. I’m sure you’re wondering why I keep talking about turnips and not pumpkins, well the pumpkin only came into play when the Irish and the Scott’s took this Halloween tradition over to the states, as it was easier to find pumpkins in fall than it was to find turnips.

Cunning Costumes

Halloween1Back in the day, and in certain parts of Ireland today, the community will gather around the massive bonfire dressed in scary and animal looking disguises and costumes, and if the spirits were not scared away by the fires and happened to wonder amongst the people In town, they would hopefully be scared away by the disguises thinking that they must be spirits themselves?

Trick or Treat

Trick or treat, contrary to popular belief actually started in Ireland originally, and was an act carried out by the poor in Ireland who would go knocking on the doors of the rich and wealthy residents of the town, asking for food, money or kindling. The poor would use what they had collected in the Halloween celebrations!

The Yummy Barnbrack

irish-halloween-cakeThis traditional Irish Halloween Cake gets baked especially for the season and originates from the Irish word Bairín Breac. The cake is ultimately a sweet bread that gets filled with fruits and a few other odd and strange treats. This weird little treats all have a meaning to them and get baked into the cake, so that they can be found by the eaters. Every member of the family will get a slice of cake and if they find one of the charms, each charm has a different meaning, so their futures can be foretold.

Finding the small rag or cloth means that your financial year is going to suck a little.
The coin means you’re most likely to have a very prosperous year.
Finding the ring means that you’ll have a new romance sparking up soon or continued romance will bloom
Finding a thimble isn’t all great either, it is believed the person that find it won’t get married

Interesting take on the Irish traditions of Halloween isn’t it? Why not get yourself prepared for Halloween and check out some of our Halloween Accessories for the season.


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The Real Japanese Halloween – Obon

A young Okinawan child participates in an Obon dance or "Eisa."  Throughout Obon, there will be Eisa dancers and family celebration late into the evening. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Rey Ramon)When you think about it, you would expect Japan to celebrate Halloween like any other country right? Being the Mecca of insanely scary horror flicks, I’ve always expected Halloween to be a major holiday in Japan, but turns out, it’s only recently that the American Holiday has taken on by the youth and adults of Japan alike! Japan however, has a super eerie and honestly, downright scary holiday of their own, called the Obon Festival, which, in actual fact is considered one of the most important traditions in the Japanese culture. The Obon tradition that takes place in August, usually over the 2nd week of the month and is believed to be a period of time, when the spirits of people’s ancestors come back into their homes to be with their families and loved ones. Sweet….but just ever so creepy?!

japan-and-obonObon usually last for 3 days, and involves all kinds of celebrations and traditions. The first day of Obon involves the lighting of ‘chochin’ lanterns (traditional Japanese lanterns bamboo and washi lanterns) which get lit inside the home, and then families will go out to the graveyards of their families to call back the spirits of their ancestors and passed loved ones. This ritual is called the mukae-bon, and in some regions in Japan, bonfires which have been named mukae-bi are lit right by the entrance of people’s houses, which is meant to guide the spirits into their homes. Families all travel back to their home towns to be with their loved ones, and elaborate meals are cooked and fruit is displayed in the house for the spirits to “dine” on. Now, ok, this seems real nice and dandy, imagine being able to have your lost family back for a few days, although, it does also completely freak me out at the same time, what’s stopping the evil spirited and nasty ghosts from making their way into people’s homes? No wonder Japan has made so many extremely scary horror movies, they’ve obviously had a substantial amount of experience in this eerie department!

On the final and last day of the Obon celebrations the locals bring back their ancestors and loved one’s spirits to the graveyard. By hanging the family crest on painted chochin lanterns, the families guide their ancestors’ spirits back to their resting places. This ritual is called the okuri-bon, and in a very similar fashion to the first day of the Obon festival, families lit a fire called an okuri-bi, which is meant to help the spirits find their way back to the graveyard, to their final resting spots.


Throughout the entire Obon festival, you can walk through the streets of Japan and smell the aromas of senko incense filling the air, with floating lanterns burning orange and red rays of light through the night on steams, ponds and lakes, and in the cemeteries and houses of families taking part. It will feel like you’ve entered an Asian light festival and not a scene out of a Japanese horror film. The intention of the floating lanterns is for families to send off their lost family members spirits down the river and out to sea. Japanese Folk Dance is paraded through the streets and at many local bars, café’s and restaurants, and though the styles and routine of dance may be different in each area or region of Japan, one thing that you’re always going to hear during the Obon Festival is the traditional Japanese Taiko Drums which keep to the beat of the atmosphere.

Even though Obon is not a Japanese public holiday, just like Halloween isn’t a public holiday, although the locals do take advantage of the festival to take time off and go and spend time with families and loved ones, although many locals also take the chance to go on holiday with their family and have a “death free” Obon but many people take vacations during this time. Mid-August is the peak travel season in summer. Still, the spooky and eerie notion of this weird festival still remains, with television shows on ghost stories and horror movies being released in the hot summer month of August, we can guarantee you that you’ll most liking experience some cool and icy chills down your spine if you decide to spend some time in Japan over the Odon festival….be prepared!


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7 Tips For Pulling off Bright Eye Shadow

brightly-shining-eye-shadowWe’ve all gone through a time in our lives, where make-up just feels boring and banal, and everything you try out looks the same right!? Well, I have, but recently I decided I needed to try something a little bit bolder and beautifully and strikingly different from my normal, everyday look and smoky eye overdo! So to be bold and bright I switched all my neutral eye shadows to brighter, more vibrant shades and discovered some amazing ways to transform my every day looks into something a little bit more electric and colourful! As soon as you make that decision to not be scared of the bold and bright colours, you’ll soon discover that hot pinks and crazy yellows and greens can make your eyes pop with colour and will give your make-up routine a little boost of vibrancy, whether you’re dressing up for work or a night out on the town.

I found that the one most important ingredient for wearing bright eye shadows, and wearing them boldly and beautifully, is confidence! Don’t wilt up like a dried old flower and hide from the bolder brighter colours, NO, embrace them darling! You want to be able to use the different options of colour to express yourself and let your personality shine through your make-up! Fun ideas work best, if your love Autumn and Spiced Pumpkin Lattes, work in a bright orange shade onto your lids to show some ‘spice’ – whatever you love, there’s a way you can show it off in your eye shadows without looking like a Barbie doll! Just keep in mind that make-up is a truly unique way of expressing yourself, and you need to convey confidence and make a bold statement with the colour choices that you choose to wear, loud and proud is what I’ve always said about wearing killer bright colours!

1. Make it Stand Out!

brightly-coloured-eye-shadowsBy adding a white base or white eyeliner to your eyelids before applying your brightly coloured eye shadows you’ll make the colour pop and stand out way more, by helping the pigments to have a proper base to stick to.

2. Don’t get Matchy Matchy!

Ladies, seriously now….wearing a super bright green coat and bright green eye shadow is what you DON’T want to do! You’ll probably end up looking like green bean instead of a trend setter. As a rule of thumb, avoid trying to match your eye shadow to whatever it is that you’re wearing, especially if you’re a little bit intimidated by the whole brightly coloured eye shadow idea. You want to ease into the transformation, gently and in a classy manner. To avoid this, go for a bright but complementary colour to line across your lid, but then choose a more neutral colour for the crease of your lid, this will create a more flattering look.

3. Blend, Blend, oh and Blend some more!

Sorry, did I mention that you need to blend! So, in order to avoid looking like a clown that’s just stepped out of the circus, you need to make 100% sure that you’re blending your brightly coloured eye shadows, so that you avoid hard and thick lines, making you look like a colouring in book instead of a well-poised make-up fundi! Choose the fluffiest eye blending brush in your collection and blend away girls!

4. All about that Base!

beautiful-bright-makeup-for-eyesWhen it comes to wearing dramatic and very flattering eye makeup and eye shadows you want to keep in mind that just like life….it’s all about that base! When you’re going for a dramatic eye look, you need to tone down the rest of your make up, so that means keeping your base neutral and toned and applying a very light and pale blusher, as well as a neutral and natural looking lip colour.

5. It’s not all about the Neon…

As much as Neon has made its little come back this past summer, hmmm I’m not such a great fan of them, maybe it’s because I’m a 90’s child and despise everything from the 80’s, who knows, but if you’re in the same boat as me, try out some bright purples or bright greens instead of all those funky neon’s!

6. Add to the Intensity of your Colourful Look

By making use of a slightly damp eye shadow brush, you’ll get the bristles to pick up a heavier coating of the colour eye shadow that you’re going for, which will create a much more pigmented look for your colourful tones!

7. Create some Definition ladies!

Make sure that you complete and finish off your look, by adding some eye liner (white is my favourite colour for this right now) and a great and lengthening mascara. These last two applications of make-up will bring the entire look together and give you a super polished and effortless look!

bright-and-colourful bright-shadows

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Unattainable Woman by Jordan Hanz

jordan-hanzProbably one of the most talented and wildest make-up artists and vloggers in the make-up world right now, is Jordan Hanz, my inspiration! The woman is a pure genius and has just taken the internet world by storm with her “Unattainable Woman” video which totally takes down misogyny and lashes out at slut shaming in one of the most beautiful ways I have ever seen!

The 24 year old make-up artist, who captured my attention a few months ago, with her unbelievably amazing make-up and artistry skills has hit the cyberspace world with a video which she posted to her YouTube channel and her Facebook page, which shows her taking on a different direction from her normal funky and wacky make-up tutorials. On September 11th, Jordan took to social media with her colourfully bright and bold make-up and body paints and made a powerful and intense statement about all the unfair representations of woman that are part of our everyday lives, by hash tagging the words #unattainablewoman, Hanz made a massive statement which touched on all the unfair and double standards between women and men that effect our lives so much.

woman-creates-moving-stop-motion-video-to-protest-sexist-stereotypesJordan took her inspiration for her video from Amber Rose’s bodysuit that she wore to the VMA’s, which was completely decked out in misogynistic insults and phrases. MTV apparently reported that “When Amber Rose arrived to the 2015 VMAs in a bodysuit emblazoned with slut-shaming words like ‘whore,’ ‘slut,’ and ‘gold digger,’ she sent an incredibly powerful statement to her haters […]” I definitely think that Amber wore all those names proudly, in an attempt to prove a point that ‘hoes be winning,’ which ultimately was the inspiration behind Jordan Hanz’s radical video, who took her talents and created a masterpiece that is swarming social media at the moment

If you haven’t already watched her inspirational and powerful video, Hanz makes a point of touching on all the powerful and fist-pumping points, which are all about how the actions of women very often taken out of context and misrepresented, stating how we’re all frustrated and fed up with the fact that our weight, fashion and make-up choices, always seem to be linked to that idea of us wanting to impress men! Jordan also goes on to make a very bold statement where she talks about women, and women alone, are the only ones who can decide how feminine or ladylike or appropriate something is, not men, and not society. She definitely made an impacting wave of girl-power rush over social media, as the video was shared over 50 thousand times and even made it’s way to Amber Rose’s twitter account.

the-woman-that-is-unattainableJordan uses an array of different colours and make-up art in her video, painting and brushing on colours and sparkles as she spoke of all the things that are wrong with this world, when it comes to the perception of women, and what they should be! If you love a good quote and really want to grab a few new and inspirational and powerful ones, then here are some of the best ones that Jordan Hanz spoke about in her goose-bumpy video.

These three are some of my favourite quotes from her make-up fuelled video.

“If we wear makeup, it’s clearly just to gain the attention of men, not because we love it for ourselves, and love the art of putting it on.”

“If we’re muscular and aggressive, strong, we’re viewed as ugly. Because we should be feminine and muscles are something that are masculine, so we shouldn’t be allowed to have them.”

“If a woman is plus sized, or has even a larger body type, she’s viewed as lazy, because why would a woman have that body type when she’s trying to appeal to men?”

For some final words of inspiration she made sure that she touched on the following points, showing women how they really need to just step up and take a stand!

“These stereotypes have been laid down brick by brick, like a wall between who we are and what the rest of the world thinks of us, trapped by our gender. Alone, we can never break through. But who says we have to? We as women must empower each other and build each other up, love ourselves. Love every ounce of you. These ideals are unattainable and impractical. How dare you tell me who to be and what is wrong or right?”

Lastly, but surely not least, these last words in her video, are the most inspirational and I actually believe the most impacting words in her video.


“Be who you want to be and be proud of that. We’re ladylike as f*ck, because we choose what that is. We are women.”


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Run, Run at The Aussie’s Fright Night Event!


If you’re heading ‘Down-Under’ for Halloween this year, make sure you plan accordingly and make it a frightening one. When you touch down in Sydney on the 31st of October, head over to the Sydney International Regatta Centre, and make your mark at the Fright Night Run being held this year! A gruesomely wicked and dangerously fun 8km obstacle course, which will be featuring some eerie and downright nasty effects, including zonked out zombies, blood-thirsty vampires, crazy axe murderers and definitely some daemons, who will all be hiding in the in the bushes of the land of Oz, waiting to give you the most adrenaline rushed run of your life!

Held annually by the co-creator and owner of Running Scared, this spooky and spectacular obstacle run will test your limits for sure, not so much physically, but your scare-o-metres will be put to the test as well. Returning every year with an even scarier and gorier themed run, this year’s paranormal pandemonium will have you more excited about Halloween than you’ve ever been, this is one run you don’t want to miss out on if you’re in the area!

Boone Hall Fright Night presents Running Scared 5k Zombie Apocalypse run September 22, 2013 Proceeds raise money for The Children's Hospital of S.C. (Sarah Bates Pack/MUSC)

Halloween is gradually becoming a more celebrated holiday in many countries that never really grasped onto the American Holiday as much before, besides from the obvious markets looking to profit off the holiday, I must admit, the idea of dressing up like a complete wacko, going out to knock on strangers doors, scaring the hell out of them, only to be rewarded with sweet candy treats and chocolate, sounds awesome to me! So, taking this crazy and ridiculously entertaining holiday, and turning it into, pretty much everything that you love about horror movies and combining it into a fun and healthy “running” event, that gets your butt off the couch is just, plain genius! Plus, after you’ve done a 8km run through swarms of freaky zombies and murderous whack-jobs you’ll be able to eat all the darned candy and chocolates as you want, without feeling to guilty about all the sugar.

Using a carefully selected cast of about 100 actors, who all had to audition to part take in being the “features” of the Running Scared Run, were asked to give out their eeriest and goriest shrieks, manic screams, hill billy cackles, creepy clown laughs, zombie moans and groans, and all kinds of crawls, creepy jumps and manic movements, which would all be used on the night of the run! The volunteering actors then get dressed up, the gruesome make-up is done, and they are literally kitted out in the craziest, scariest and most horrifying outfits for Halloween night. Mmmwahahaha!


Besides featuring all your ‘regular’ Halloween vamps, warewolves and zombies, this year’s Running Scared Run will also have a few extra additions of girls from The Ring, clowns, classic 80’s horror characters and a few cannibals will be thrown into the mix, just to make sure that there’s a good dose of fright added to your night.

The run starts off in an absolutely horrific maze, with all these characters trying to scare participants, who need to work their way through the maze, which then breaks out into the run, covering 8km and over 20 insane obstacles. The obstacles have all been combined into specifically themed scare zones. Runners will need to crawl and jump over all kinds of obstacles put in their way, from being slimed by monsters and zombies to being splattered in mud and blood, participants need to overcome to reach the end of the race!

Aside from the combined themes and new scenery that will be incorporated into creating the perfect Halloween run, runner and participants will now be able to have their creepy Halloween make-up done by a professional. I reckon, if you can make it to this run, get your make-up done for sure, but you better take some of your own props and Halloween accessories if you want to stand out from the rest and scare them zombies right back to their hideouts!

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6 Beauty Trends off the Autumn 2015 Runways

blog-makeup-uk-newSo with all the Fashion weeks slowly coming to an end, I must say I’ve been fairly surprised by the completely do-able beauty trends for Autumn 2015, and while couture probably hasn’t been invented for most of us, pushing the envelope just a little bit over the edge when it comes to terms of do-able and totally cute hair and make-up, I think it’s fairly possible, and quite easy this year too! With basic and classic looks that have been updated and used in a different manner from previous years, you’ll see everything from the hip and returning blue eyeliner, which was absolute ‘king’ at the Jean Paul Gaultier show, as well as at Maison Margiela show. Versace and Elie Saab, were all about metallic metal shadows this year, which has definitely made an impression on me, and I know you’re going to love it just as much, especially if you were a 90’s child! While dare devil, Valentino managed to serve up[ a healthy dose of ridiculously gorgeous summer hair do’s which no doubt, will be carrying over in Autumn, there’s really a lot to be excited about when it comes to beauty trends this year! Let’s go over my favourite 6 beauty trends of Autumn 2015, so you can get a feel for what you should be doing with your hair and make-up this season!

1. Flower Power Crowns

hair-trendKnow we know that tiaras are pretty much more the type of thing you would see at a pageant show for little princesses, but this year, I’ve been seeing these flowery and fashionably forward, couture-worthy crowns, which are ranging from delicately featured gold and stone encrusted head banners and hippie-inspired floral wreathes. I think whichever look you decide to go for, you need to play around with ideas and outfits and try and get the perfect match for your personality. Going with sparkles and studs, is probably going to look better at an evening or night time event, but going for a soft and floral looking wreathe will be pretty perfect for a sunny day in the park or even an autumn sunset on the beach. You could even dress this look up by adding some temporary wild colour to your hair, giving it some bohemian touches!

2. Loud and Proud Lips

spring_summer_2015_makeup_trends_berry_lips1I loooove this look, and have ben strutting it around proudly since the beginning of summer, and you should be to! Especially if you’re looking for a way to add some flair to your look, but don’t want to go with something too complicated. Vampy lips are definitely the way to go when it comes to sexy lips this year, and I’m not saying stick to only reds, oh no, even some of the male models were spotted where some Matt cobalt-red shades on their lips, and according to how Armani Privé had their models dressed up in bright pink lipsticks and liners, I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing a lot more girls in pink and red this autumn.

3. Add a Touch of Blue


So, no matter what style you’re choosing to go with, if you’re looking to add a little of the “return-of-the-90’s” to your make-up routine, stick to blue, blue and more blue, and yes that means if you have blue eyes or blue contact lenses, you too, can wear blue! Apparently make-up artist Dick Page was all about different shade of blue and cobalt tones this autumn, and had his models looking fresh and bright with lighter and darker tones of blue blended together with whites and very slight shades of shimmers, washed over your eyelids. All I can say about this blue and bold trend, is play, play and more play, spend a few hours trying out different looks in blue, from cat-eyes with blue liner, and blue shimmers, either way its going to be perfect for the Blue Trend.

4. All About Skin


Ok, this is one that I must admit, at first I was a little apprehensive, but it’s very quickly growing on me, and pretty much for as long as fashion and beauty has existed, having a glowing complexion has always been considered gorgeous. There was definitely no shortage of glowing and shiny faces at this year’s Autumn Fashion Shows, with Val Garland creating some insanely beautiful looks with his runway models, by successfully attempting to create a modern day Talitha Getty, by playing brave and mixing up foundation and oil and layering it on his models faces, creating a very clean and glowy look. I wouldn’t recommend this though, especially if you’re not sure what you’re doing, but hey, if it’s a hot day, don’t wipe away that sweat and you’ll need to just add some eyeliner, a little bronzer and maybe opt for a nude lipstick!

5. Banging Heavy Metals

metallic-eyes-smokyWe all love a smoky eye right? Well, the epic look has literally just been upgraded to a fresher and much bolder ranking than ever before, and I adore it! Just as steamy as you would look with the sultry and racy smoky eye, the metallic looks that were being created on the runways really do uplift the smoky eye to a much sexier and cleaner look, with just enough ‘sultry’ in it to still look great either in the day or at night! The best part – achieving this look couldn’t be easier, try going for a bronze liner and use it as an outline for your metallic eyes, go for gold and orange or brown metallic if you want that vintage feel to your eyes, or be more risky and pair up and dark navy and green metallic, add in the blue libner and you’ll looks smashing!

6. Be Your True Self

being-yourselfAs much as the fashion industry and their take on the perfect body is a controversial topic, for some reason designers this year were all about having their models showing off their own unique personalities within their line. So instead of casting out robotic-looking models, were given free range with make-up artists and hair stylists to work on creating a look that reflected who they were as a person! What a bold, loud and very clear message this sent out to guests at the shows and the media – Express your true self — no matter, and whatever, that may entail.

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