Look Younger by Combining Contact Lenses with the Strobbing Technique

Make-up-with-contactsThe internet has been going crazy for the last couple of weeks about this new and latest make-up craze, The Strobbing Technique, which is apparently the next best thing since contouring was made so popular by Kim Kardashian! This ‘Strobbing’ technique really is just good old fashioned highlighting, which if you can pull of perfectly plus add in some striking contact lenses, you’ll really be giving you face a fresh and young glowing feel, perfect for summer days and nights.


Ok, so even if this “strobing” technique isn’t really as new as you thought it was, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t give it a go! Now, obviously you need to remember there’s always a right way and a wrong way to do things, especially with make-up tricks, the last thing you want is people thinking a disco ball exploded on your face. I would suggest steering far and clear away from metallic high-beam highlighters and instead try and focus on getting subtle and creamy formulas to work with. There really is a fine line between a nice glowing skin and a gleaming shine, try and avoid all the sparkly and shimmering products, you want to go for more of a glistening product.

The trick here is to try and highlight your features in the most natural way possible, I would recommend getting started with a tinted moisturiser and not using anything matt as a base, and then use a highlighter to the highest parts of your cheekbones or even your brow bones. If naturally have an oily skin aka a little luminous, try using a very light highlighting powder on all the areas on your face that gets touched by the light. If you’re a little nervous that you’re going to be way too glimmer, you could also just rock this natural glow by adding in a highlighting eye shadow!

So now that you have the ‘strobing’ down, and know what to do and not to do with your make-up, let’s get talking about the kind of contact lenses you want to get for your eyes to give them a more youthful and bright feel! If you’re really eager on getting some contact lenses to brighten up your eyes and really get them to glow and pop with colour then make sure that when you’re choosing your contact lenses that you go for a pair of contacts that have an accent colour, which intensifies your natural colour, without having to completely change the colour of your eyes, but just exaggerate them a tad bit! Try finding a pair of contact lenses that have a perfect blend two or more colours which will make them pop even more, yet still make your eyes look natural and younger.

strobing-make-upNow if you decide to go for a an even more effective and age defying contact lens, I would recommend choosing a pair of contact lenses that have a darker and almost black circle around the edge of the circled lens, as this will definitely take your eyes back a couple of years giving them that youthful and intense look at the same time. Going for a set of Blue Glamour Contact Lenses, for example, won’t just add a tiny, tasteful bit of colour to your eyes, but they’ll also highlight the colour of your eyes with a darker outer boarder of the iris, which according to recent studies easily becomes less distinct over the years and gets a more ‘washed out’ look as get older.

Please don’t forget that if you’re going to be using make up and contact lenses at the same time, that it really is best to put your contacts in first, and with washed, clean and dry hands before applying any make-up and make an extra effort to find make-up that is oil-free, because the last thing you want is blood-shot, infected eyes with your stunning make-up!

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Prepping for New York Comic Con 2015!

comic-con-contact-super-mario-zombieWith the New York Comic Con only 4 months away, (the 8th-11th October to be exact) it’s high time to start planning, prepping, crafting and creating your outfits, so that you can head to one of the biggest and most exciting culture conventions held on the East Coast of the USA, looking and feeling like a proper decked out Comic Con fan!

Some of the die-hard Comic Con fans will know that this is not just a mediocre event, and even though many comic book fans and geeks will just go dressed as themselves, if you’re looking to experience the real and authentic life of what Comic Con really is, and you don’t mind dressing up a little, then in all honestly, you CAN NOT just throw on some face and an outfit that you bought online at a cheap price! Oh no, if you are creating and coming up with all the right ingredients to envision yourself as one of your favourite characters for the Comic Con world.comic-con-white

The New York Comic Con was attended by a whopping 151,000 devotees and supporters in 2014, making it pretty much one of the biggest and most fantastical comic book and pop culture conventions in the world! So if you’re planning on going this year, you need to really start making a check list of everything you’ll need to do and get ready for this life changing event!


1.  A place to rest your head!

comic-con-sleepsLooking for somewhere to sleep and chill out at the Comic Con in New York can become a costly one subject, so if you’re looking at saving some of your hard earned cash to instead spend on your outfit and Green Hulk Contact lenses, then why not check out some of the local Backpackers or Hostels for your stay in New York? Or, if you’re going with a group of your buddies, why not consider looking at AirBnB for a funky New York apartment to rent for the few days that you’ll be there!

2.  Parking

comic-con-walking-transportOk, seriously, who wants to deal with trying to find parking for hours, when you could be checking out all the crazy eyed characters at the Comic Con! Make sure you know all the rules and regulations of the Convention Centre’s Parking system, as some of them are just downright odd, with certain locking times and some of them will expect you to pay as much as $50 a day, not cool! Consider trying to book your accommodation as close to the Comic Con as possible so that you can catch a quick cab, bus, train or even take a walk down a few blocks to get there.

3.  Food

comic-con-eating-foodAs much as you may look like a superhero with you radical outfit and striking red contact lenses popped in your eyes, you have to eat! This is one you can’t avoid, and apparently this year, there will be some great food trucks on site to provide all the Flash, Skywalker and Batman’s with yummy and delish food, so if you don’t mind spending money on some scrumptious artisan food to munch on during the day then this is a great option, otherwise think about throwing in a few muesli bars or trail mixes in your backpack to snack on throughout the day, this will save you time and money!

4.  To Cosplay or Not To Cosplay

comic-con-green-contactsThe biggest question to the entire Comic Con Experience! Will you be being cosplaying at the Comic Con this year or not, and if you are planning on cosplaying, you need to have a game plan in play! You need to consider that if you’re going to cosplay at Comic Con that this is an entire event in itself, you’ll have fans wanting to take photos of and with you most of the time and if you’re cool with that, then go ahead and start planning your outfit now, get some wicked cosplay contact lenses and no matter what you choose, make sure that you get it ready way in advance and give it a couple of trial runs first to make sure it will last the challenges of Comic Con. Also keep in mind that if you really do want to just attend the convention and check out all your favourite characters and chat with the super intelligent creators then perhaps you should just go dressed as yourself for one or two of the days, you could always keep you contact lenses in just to freak out the girls that your staring at!

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Choosing Daily or Monthly Contact Lenses

Whether you’re choosing contact lenses for the correction of your far-sightedness or short-sightedness, you’ll be faced with the choice of either having daily contact lenses or monthly contact lenses. These are the two most popular types of contact lenses that you’ll be able to choose from, but how do you choose which set will work best for you? Very often these two types of contact lenses are referred to as dailies and monthlies, because of the wearing patterns associated with them.

Contact Lens Carelearn-the-proper-care-of-contact-lenses

Daily contact lenses are worn on a day to day basis and then thrown away, but monthly contact lenses can be worn during the day, stored in a contact lens case overnight and then worn again the next day for an average of about 30 days, and then a new set is again required.

There are some major differences between these two types of contact lenses and its fairly important that you familiarise yourself with their differences before choosing the option you’d like to go with, as sometimes dailies will be the best option for you, whereas monthlies could be a better option for others. So to help you make the right decision for your eyes we’ve created the following for you to compare with.

Why choose daily contact lenses?


  • You only need to wear them occasionally! If you think you’re going to be switching between wearing your glasses and your contact lenses, then dailies are better, as you will have the freedom to swap between the two.
  • They make life a little more convenient! Wearing and using daily contact lenses is really not a hard job at all, no extra solution and cleaning needed, just wear them for the day then chuck them. They are way easier to handle
  • Perfect for allergy prone contact users! As you’re only wearing them for a few hours, it gives your contact lenses less time to build up any kind of unwanted particles and pollen in the spring season.



Why choose monthly contact lenses?


  • They cost less! Monthly contact lenses will usually cost you a lot less than what dailies will, and that’s even with the extra cleaning products needed for them.
  • If you’re not a big fan of wearing glasses! If you really don’t want to have the whole nerd look going on every day, then lenses really are the cheapest way to go.
  • Continuous usage! There are some monthly contact lenses out there that are usable for 5 to 30days! You need to speak to your optician and make sure that your eyes are suitable for these, beforehand though.


So whether you choose dailies, or whether you decide that monthlies are a better choice for your lifestyle, there are so many gorgeous choice for you to select your contact lenses from. Go for the natural eye colour look, or be a little bit adventurous and choose a more unique coloured eye lens instead. Check out our fantastic contact lens videos to see what type of contact lens you’d like to go for!

Always make sure you know how to insert, remove and clean your lenses properly and carefully, they will last much longer this way, and you’ll not have any hassles with using contact lenses if you know how to use them correctly.

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5 Celebrities with Vision Problems

As much as celebrities like to come off as ‘perfectly perfect’, they really are just normal people like you and I! They have their fair share of flaws, whether they be slight or drastic. One thingthey sure know how to do, is hide them well enough, especially those with visual impairments! I’ve made a list of 5 celebrities who all have bad eye vision, and have taken to wearing contact lenses in public and mostly on the red carpet, so that they don’t need to worry about their  specs and glasses. Contact lenses are just way more comfortable aren’t they?


1. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay-Lohan-glassesThe American actress was born in New York City, and has made a name for herself in Hollywood, some bad and some good. We’ve seen Lohan in specs since the age of 13, and she started wearing contacts when she was about 16 years old, but is still often seen wearing her glasses.

2. Selena Gomez

 selena-gomez-glassesSelena Gomez, has been quite the super star since a very young age, starting out in Barney and Friends, and working her way up the Hollywood scene! It’s not very often that we see Selena walking around in her glasses, as she wears her contact lenses most of the time, but Selena discovered she was far sighted from a when she was about 13 years old, and has been using glasses and mostly contact lenses since.

3. Jennifer Garner

jennifer-garner-glassesThis super talented American actress as well film producer, Jennifer Garner is married to the ever so gorgeous Ben Affleck and has 3 children with the Daredevil star. Garner is near-sighted and is very often spotted wearing her glasses but has also admitted to wearing prescription contact lenses quite often, especially at movie premiers and screenings.

4. Justin Bieber

justin-bieber-glassesThe Canadian heartthrob who has all the girls swooning and screaming across the globe, has accomplished quite a lot in his short life so far. Who would have guessed he wears contact lenses for his far sighted vision problem! Bieber has often been seen wearing his glasses to events, but most of the time he uses his prescription contact lenses, as they’re just more comfortable that a pair of specs!

5. Megan Fox

Megan-Fox-galsses-contactsMegan Fox, started out in the industry as a model and very quickly went on to become one of Hollywood’s sexiest and most talented actresses. The 29 year old Tennessee born star, is far sighted and wears contacts most of the time, and has is actually pretty experimental with her contacts as you’ll often see her wearing different coloured contact lenses, although Fox does prefer wearing her glasses when she’s out for her morning run.

If you have prescription glasses and really want to try out using contact lenses, why not have a look at getting yourself a pair of prescription contact lenses that you can use on the days you really don’t want to be using your glasses. The great thing about prescription contact lenses is that you don’t have to only get them in natural eye colour tones, they also come in all kinds of wacky colours and designs, be sure to stop by our YouTube page and have a look at some of the fabulous contact lens videos we have online.

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Rules to follow when wearing Make-up with Contact Lenses

We know how frustrating it can be to try and apply make-up correctly, never mind how to essential-contact-lenses-and-make-upuse make-up correctly when you’re also contact lens user, because the last thing you want to be stuck with is an eye infection! Well, luckily for you, we’ve make a list of all the best tips and tricks that you should use while applying your make-up and wearing your contact lenses. I know I’ve read a ton of advice and “tips and tricks” articles on how to get the right make-up style and correct way on applying make-up when you wear eye glasses, but I find it strange that there aren’t so many articles out there about how to correctly use make-up for contact lens users. I have so many friends who use contact lenses and love using make-up but are always scared of ending up with an infection, so they tend to avoid using make-up completely, but not to worry girls! Follow these simple rules when applyingyour make-up and you’ll be just fine and dandy!


  1. Please ladies, wash your hands!

Make sure you insert your contact lenses into your eyes before applying any kind ofhand_washing moisturiser or make-up, if you have any traces of cream or any kind of make-up left on your fingers, it’s most likely to transfer onto you’re your lenses, so you need to make 100% sure that your hands are sparkly clean! You’re going to want to make sure that they’re also completely dry, as water sometimes carries a parasite called Acanthamoeba, which can be very dangerous to the eye when combined with a contact lens, so make sure your contact lenses don’t come in to contact with water.


  1. Try and use Oil-Free products only.

Even if it’s just around your eyes, as the oils that are a base in most make up creams andKosmetik Artikel eye shadows will gradually work their way into the creases of your skin throughout the day and eventually into your eyes. Try and picture a salad dressing, oil and water don’t mix very well, so if the oil does get into your eyes, it’s going to make its way straight to your contacts and oil everything up! This most likely won’t hurt or damage anything in your eyes, but it’s going to make vision very clouded and misty, making it difficult to see.

  1. Steer clear from your lid ledge.

What’s the lid ledge, you may be asking? It’s the part of your eye lid that just touches theeyeliner-contacts surface of your eyeballs, and this is where the oil glands of your eyes open up, so if those glands get clogged up with make-up, your eyes are eventually going to dry up and this will dry out your lenses making them itchy and will also make them dirty. This can lead to dirty itchy and uncomfortable eyes, and sometimes even sties. So, sorry to break it to you ladies, but you might need to keep tight lining to a minimum.

  1. Invest in a good, expensive Mascara

Trust me ladies, investing in a non-clumpy, good quality mascara is a very good idea if you Handy_Hints_with_contactshave contact lenses. The last thing you want is a cluster of clumps and excess particles working their way under your contact lenses causing you much irritation and uncomfortable itchiness! Try and stick to traditional volumising and lengthening mascaras, not the ones that have fibre particles.

If you stick to these simple rules when applying make-up, you really shouldn’t run into problems with your contact lenses and any inffections! Stop by our YouTube page and have a look at some of the awesome contact lens videos we have on all the wonderfuly gorgeous contact lenses available.

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What Colour Contacts are the Best for your Brown Eyes?

Contact Lenses are a great way to change your look up a bit, and create an entirely new and funky style to your everyday style! Although, I know I’ve always been nervous about trying them out, as I have very dark brown eyes, and never know what the best colour contacts for brown eyes are. Brown eyes are dark and I’m always scared about how fake a pair of  contacts will look on my dark eyes!


So, working in conjunction with some of our colour coordinating experts, who are in-the-know of colour co-ordinating contact lenses with certain colour eyes, I have come to the discovery that is actually very possible to pull off a few coloured contact lenses with my dark eyes and not have it look fake at all, in contrast actually, they will look super natural, exactly what you want to go for!

So if you’re looking to try out a different colour on your dark eyes, I would recommend looking at all kinds of shades of greens, greys, hazel and yellow blends, as these will fuse in perfectly with your brown eyes giving them a very authentic and natural look and feel.

A slight change

green-contacts-on-brown-eyesIf you’re not keen to make a very big change from your natural colour and are a little nervous, why not try out a lighter hazel or honey coloured lens which will blend in perfectly with your already brown eyes, but still give you a very distinct and saucy change, livening your eyes up just ever so slightly.

A vivid change


If you’re looking to stand out just a little bit more than usual and turn some heads, I would say going for a bright green, this will create a vivid change in your eyes, especially if you have an olive or tanned skin tone which will bring out the mixture of green and brown in your eyes and make your eyes really just glimmer with gorgeousness! This is also a fabulous colour to use if you’re looking to achieve that Irish look with your eyes.

Something a little different

grey-contacts-on-brown-eysGo for grey toned contact lenses if you want to create a sexy and sultry look but also don’t really want to stray too far away from your already dark coloured eyes. Grey tones will soften your skin tone and give your eyes a deep and mystical look and feel, and sometimes they can actually give your eyes a very blue feel!

Be sure to check out our vast and awesome range of contact lens videos on YouTube, with everything from natural to crazy and scary!

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5 Useful Tips for Allergy Prone Contact Users

Sick woman's eyesIf you’re anything like me, when it comes to allergies and hay fever attacks, especially with the change of seasons, mostly from winter to spring, and summer to autumn, you’ll know just how annoying and irritating it can be to have your contacts in when this happens! So, to make life a little easier for you this year, I’ve gathered a list of 5 useful tips for allergy prone contact lens users to use through the seasons! We all suffer from some sort of discomfort or irritation at some point during the year and the allergens in the air can be a royal pain in the butt, as it is, but throw some contact lenses into the mix and it’s almost a hundred times worse, as these annoying little allergens that float around in the air making our eyes water and forcing us to sneeze uncontrollably, can very often get stuck to our contact lenses, which will just cause a heap load of more miserable symptoms to deal with, essentially swollen, watery and itching eyes! If this sounds like your situation, have a quick read and prepare yourself ahead of time.



  1. Clean your contact lenses as often as possible.

learn-the-proper-care-of-contact-lensesWhen you’re cleaning your contacts regularly you’ll be keeping them allergen free, and in turn, keeping your eyes free from allergies. When cleaning you contact lenses, make sure you wash your hands properly and know how to clean your contacts correctly, in the palm of your hand. Never use water to clean your contact lenses and if you use disposable contact lenses, it might be a good idea to consider replacing them more often than usual.

  1. If it’s possible to wear your eye glasses, do it!

women-hipster-glassesAs much as you hate to wear them, or don’t like your frames, or feel like a nerd, I promise you that it will make the world of difference. Common allergens like dust and pollen love to get stuck on the thin and delicate surface of your contact lenses, so if your daily life allows it, switch to your eyeglasses for a couple of weeks, it will save you from some unwanted allergy attacks.

  1. Never rub, instead, just cool.

cooling-eyesIf you’re eyes have really had a rough day, and are feeling over tired, swollen and red, fight that urge to rub them, as rubbing them will just make the inflammation and allergens spread like a wildfire making your eyes worse. Now is a perfect to time to use a cool compress, or even cold slices of cucumbers, which will bring down the swelling and cool off the irritation

  1. Try keeping your eyes moist at all times.

keeping-your-eyes-moistPollen and allergens will always create and cause dry and irritated eye, keeping your eyes lubricated and naturally moist with artificial tears will take away that dryness and also wash out some of the irritating pollen and allergens, from your eyes.

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June is Gay Pride Month and we’re all about Accessories!

With Gay Pride month upon us, I thought it would only be fitting to tell you all about the fabulously dandy, pink and rainbow coloured contact lenses, make up accessories, and much more that you need to stock up on, whether you’re planning on attending only one Gay Pride Parade, or whether you’re planning on going to as many festivals and parades all across the globe, these are a few essentials that you absolutely must have for your Gay Pride Month celebrations!


Get Rainbow-Kissable Lips !


The Rainbow flag represents all that the LGBT community stands for, among so many reasons, but probably its most important and recognised reason, is for the LGBT movements, identity and solidarity! The rainbow colours have become so ragingly popular in recent years that it has made a complete revolutionary movement in the community. It’s only fitting that you adorn your lips with these fabulously proud rainbow coloured, temporary lip tattoos! What a lush statement you’ll be making with your kissable and glossy rainbow coloured lips! This is an absolute mast have for Gay Pride Month! Not only are this lip tattoos strikingly gorgeous, but they’re also ridiculously easy to apply to your lips! Check out the video below for a detailed “How-To”





Adorn your eyes with Pink Coloured Contact Lenses

If you know your facts, you’ll know all about the Pink Triangle and what it symbolises for the gay community. In the days of Hitler and all his evil, the prisoners held in concentration camps were identified by the colour triangle they wore on their jackets, and a downward facing pink triangle was commonly used to symbolise homosexual male prisoners. This badge of shame was originally intended to put the gay community down and belittle them, but years have passed and this shame has been turned into Pride, hence why the triangle has been turned the right way up and reclaimed as an international symbol of the gay rights and gay pride movement! So just imagine how gorgeously proud you’re going to look with pink eyes! With all kinds of pink contact lenses available, the choice is endless, we recommend getting a few different one, maybe some Pink UV Contact lenses for all the dancing you’ll be doing through the night and some Bright Pink Lenses for the day Parade.



Gay Pride Inspired Leather Wrap Bracelets

Whether you’re celebrating with you husband, wife, lover or just your group of friends, how memorable, meaningful and significant would it be if you brought along a small gift of Gay Pride love for your special someone! Check out these Leather Wrap Bracelets that will last you a lifetime, ranging in different sizes, from single row wraps to 5 row wraps, these bracelets are to die for, coming in a variety of colouring, from pinks to rainbow inspired bracelets, this is just one more necessity you need to get for your Gay Pride celebrations.


So there you have it, my list of ultimate must have accessories for your Gay Pride month! Although I do think the most important thing you need to be carrying with you this month, and every month of the year for that matter, is you’re right to be loud and proud of the person or people that you choose to love, and to have no shame in being true to yourself and the person that you are! May the rest of the world follow in the footsteps of Ireland! Have a gorgeously gay month boys and girls!


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Choosing the right colour contact lenses for your skin tone?

A lot of people seem to think that they can’t wear certain colour contact lenses with certain skin tones or hair colours, so how do you know which coloured contact lenses will suit your skin tone? Well, I’ve compiled a useful and fun list of tips and tricks to take note of when you’re looking to get a set of contact lenses, which will give your eyes a natural and authentic feel, but also set a strong and bold statement, complimenting your skin tone and hair colour, which in turn will enhance your best features!


Coloured contact lenses can help you create a completely new and unique look, but of course we all do have different tones of skin and hair. So it almost seems obvious to say that a set of aqua blue contact lenses on a fair skinned, blonde haired woman won’t create the same dramatic and enchanting magical effect that those same aqua blue contact lenses will have on a darker skinned and darker haired woman. With the wide variety of contacts available nowadays you can create a different look for each day of the week if you’d like! Colour contact lenses can set an entirely contrasting tone to you normal everyday look, and much of this really does depend on the colour that you choose and the type of skin tone that you’re pairing it up with.

Skin Tone Matching Tips:

  • If your skin tone is very fair or light, most colours will suit your skin tone, but you should be looking at softly subtle shades of aqua blue and bright grey coloured contacts, or if you’re a little more adventurous try going for a sultry turquoise or amethyst shade of purple.
  • For those with a darker skin tone or dusky complexion, there is actually an interesting variety of colours that which suit your skin tone perfectly, this also depends on the type of effect you want to acquire with your eyes. If it’s a more classically sexy look that you want, then using warmer colour contact lenses, like soft smoky greys will create a seductive and natural look. If you’re looking to turn a few heads, then go for some honey or autumn inspired colours like, hazel-gold and gentle orangey-browns, these warm colour will work best on your tone of skin. If you’re looking to be a bit daring though, go for ocean greens or even a green and yellow blended contact lens, which will have you looking like a goddess, instantly!
  • If you have a very olive toned skin, or are super tanned and have a sun kissed complexion, then you need to be reaching for the brightly coloured contact lenses, glowing contact lenses, colours that will compliment your tanned and olive complexion. Choose colours like navy blue, greens, greys and honeyed hazel coloured contatc lenses, these will bring out your eyes and complement your features! Try to not go for very bright blue colours as this might look more fake than natural.
  • Try to always use a shade of eye shadow that’s slightly different from the colour of your contact lenses so that you don’t hide the colour of our contact lenses with your make up.


golden-green-contact-darker -skinred-hair-blue-contact-lensesdark-skin-yellow-contactsdarker-skin-contact-lenses


Hair Colour Matching Tips:

  • Golden brown, brunette as well as blonde hair tones, work really well with all the green shades of contact lenses, as well as a varied amount of honey browns and hazel gold contact lenses.
  • Very dark brown, black hair, blue-black toned hair as well as salt and pepper grey hair colours, look stunningly striking with ice blue contact lenses and violet shades of purple.
  • Platinum or White Blonde hair pairs up in a very unique and alluring manner with powder blue contact lenses or wicked emerald green lenses.
  • If you have strawberry blonde, ginger or red hair, you’re going to look super sexy in cool nad bright green colour contacts.

Look at how striking our Saphire Blue Contact lenses look on a darker complexion!

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Wacky Wonderful Temporary Lip Tattoos!

This is probably the funkiest and coolest trend to hit the fashion scene since Bob Dylan’s sunglasses made a comeback into the fashion world a couple of years back. These awesomely wacky and wonderful Temporary Lip Tattoos are making quite the debut among celebrities, with the likes of Lady Gaga, Jessie J and Luciana strutting around showing off their quirky lip art! celebraties-with-lip-tattoos

It’s really easy to show off your style and create an entirely new, trendy and extravagantly sexy look with these Temporary Lip Tattoos by Violent Lips. Whether you’re heading out on the town with your girls for the night, or have a fancy dress party to attend, or heck, maybe you’re just looking for something new to add to your make up routine that will make a bold and intriguingly adorable statement! There’s a wide and interesting collection of eye-catching designs which you will very easily be able to coordinate beautifully into all of your favourite outfits and accessories.

There is a massive selection of Violent Lip Tattoos to choose from and it might even feel a little overwhelming at first, thinking which ones to choose from, or you could be like me, and want to order every single one of them! I’ve made a small list of some of my favourite Violent Lip Tattoos from FourEyez, making it easy for you to figure out which ones would suit your taste and party!





The Announcement Lips!

This selection of temporary lip tattoos all have some kind of announcement written on them, making them perfect for Baby Reveal Showers, Bridal Showers and Kitchen Tea’s, Birthdays or even if you just want to wear the word Kiss Love or XOXO on your lips, with different colours to choose from, these lip tats will look and feel glossy on your lips.

violent-lips-baby-reveal-temporary-lip-tattoos violent-lips-bride-to-be-temporary-lip-tattoos_1

Country Proud Lips!

Whether you’re American, British or even if you’re not from the USA or the UK, but love all the trendy flag fashion that these two countries produce, I know you’ll love these two lip tattoos, one with an American flag version and the other with the British flag, make a bold and sexy statement with either one of them!

violent-lips-american-flag-temporary-lip-tattoos violent-lips-union-jack-temporary-lip-tattoos

Animal Print Lips!

Get sassy and cheeky with these growling animal print temporary lip tattoos, with everything from the sleek and sexy Cheetah, to the tall and lanky Giraffe, the luscious and lusting Leopard, the temping and timeless Tiger and of course the zesty and timid Zebra. There’s not a doubt in my mind, that with that with the big range of different colours that these animal print lips come in, that you’ll find at least one set that you’ll fall madly in love with! With Pink and purple cheetah prints to the classical black and white Zebra print, there’s something that’s bound to tickle your liking.

violent-lips-zebra-print-temporary-lip-tattoos violent-lips-purple-cheetah-temporary-lip-tattoos

Seductively Sparkly Lips!

These sparkly, glittery, dazzling and downright glamorous, temporary lip tattoo selections with give your lips such a sparkle and glammed up look that your lips will be screaming “kissable”! Trust me, no one is NOT going to be able to notice you in these shiny lips tats, with ranging colours from pink and red to two tones silver and gold lips, there’s going to be some in here that you will want to get a few of, especially for those summer night sunset parties!

violent-lips-pink-glitteratti-temporary-lip-tattoos violent-lips-orange-spice-glitteratti-mix-temporary-lip-tattoos

Now, I could go on for hours and hours about every single temporary lip tattoo style that there to use with your outfits and style, but we would be here for days, so I’ve listed my favourite one, but why not check them out here and see which ones are your favourite!


Violent Lips temporary lip tattoos are super easy to apply to your lips and leave a gorgeously glossy finish that will leave your lips looking and feeling soft and kissable! And if you’re looking for an even more dramatic look, why not pair them up with some coloured contact lenses. Have a look at the video I’ve posted below for you all to see how simple and easy it really is to use these gorgeous lip tattoos!



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