Top 5 Zombie Outfits to Go for This Year

ZOMBIES-BANNERWe all know about the Zombie apocalypse that happens every year, usually around the 31st of October, on Halloween to be exact, and the big question you’ll have to ask yourself once you’ve asked yourself if this is your year to zombie or not to zombie, (which is obviously Go Zombie or Go Home) is what kind of Zombie should you be dressing up as this year? So I’ve very conveniently measured up the top 5 Zombie outfits to go for this year, and what exactly you should be doing with your clothes, make-up, eyes and so much more, because come on, let’s face it, if you really want to ‘zombify’ your outfit up to the next level of awesome this year, you have to be creative! Planning in advance is the way to go guys!

Before I start my countdown for the top 5 zombie outfits, let’s talk make-up, prosthetic transfers, tattoo transfers and crazy-ass zombie contact lenses! Make up is simple guys and gals, make sure you get yourself a ton of white powder, loads of black eye liner, a tube of fake blood and then take that next step by boosting your make-up skills to the next level with these super easy-to-apply and disgustingly awesome rotting zombie make-up transfers that will make your skin look as its been rotting for days! You could totally also get yourself some Zombie Contact lenses just to add some extra effect to your costume, plus it will scare the bats off of all the vampires out that night!

Let’s begin our zombie countdown!

5. The Office Lady Zombie

Zombie-Makeup-suit-ladySo if you work in an office, it most likely that you have an old suit hanging in your closet that can get donated to a thrift store soon, and if you don’t have one, why not head down to the thrift store and choose an old tattered suit that you can totally mess up, will some fake blood, rips and tears, and maybe just roll in the mud a little before heading out, giving it that final touch of zombie elegance! Stick to the make-up tip above, stop at Starbucks and grab a tall latte, freak out a few customers in the process and then head on out!

4. The Zombie Cowboy

zombie-cowboy-wackoOk, so how easy is to grab a cowboy outfit off a shelf of pretty much any store over Halloween? Pretty much as easy as it is to buy Easter eggs over Easter right!? Well then get yourself a real sexy one, complete with Cowboy hat, tacky toy gun and then give it the zombie treatment! All you’ll need is all the make-up tips I’ve already given you, and maybe get yourself some fake gunshot wounds to apply to your forehead, giving your entire look a little bit more swagger!

3. Zombie Bride and Groom

zombie-coupleDum dum dadummm, here comes the bride all soaked in blood, here comes the groom all drenched in mud! OK, so let’s just face the facts ladies, you’re never going to wear your wedding dress again, and unless it cost you an arm and a leg and you’re saving it for your one day daughter, maybe you should give it the zombie treatment?! Otherwise head out to the thrift store and grab a cheap ass wedding dress, give it a couple of rips and splatter it in fake blood, plus you could get yourself a big fake knife to carry and put one of these gruesome cutthroat transfers on hubby, of course you’ll also need ‘normal’ zombie make-up! Perfect couples outfit, or you could go all out and have a clan of bridesmaid zombie and groomsmen too!

2. The Superhero Zombie

zombie-superheroAnother outfit that’s super easy to find in the costume stores over Halloween is all those very loved and adored superheroes you grew up falling in love with for their heroic acts! Well what would happen if one of them was bitten by a zombie? They transform into scary undead freaks who crave the taste of brains and blood! So get yourself a cheap superhero outfit, in fact the cheaper the better, so you don’t feel bad when it’s ruined with fake blood and guts! Warning, don’t do this outfit if your kid is a Spiderman fan….you might ruin him for life!

1. The Disney Princess Zombie

zombie-disney-princessOh I love this! All the ladies out there that get all prettied up and have their hair done up in Snow White and Ariel do’s! Stop! Rip that dress, and give is a generous splash of fake blood, because this year you’re going to be a zombie princess! There’s so much you can do with this, Cinderella, Jasmine, Pocahontas, don they all deserve to also have a shot at being zombies? I think so. So make sure you do all the right make-up and then ruin it with Zombie make-up and fake blood, you’ll look smashing, and you’ll be surprised how many of the boys will love it!

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Dressing up for a Masquerade Ball

close-up portrait of beautiful brunette woman with facial body art hiding half of her face with carnival venetian mask

With Summer upon us and almost over, you know there’ll be a ton of parties to go to, most of them probably formal ones, and going to these events can be pretty daunting on us women, leaving us wondering what on earth to wear, how to wear it and what to pair up with our outfits! How to properly dress for a masquerade ball can be even more of a challenge! So to make life a little easier for you all, we’ve decided to give you some simple tip and hints on what you should be wearing and doing when getting ready for a masquerade ball.

1. What does the invite say regarding dress code?

The Kessler Theater in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, TX hosted its O Carnivale Masquerade Ball on March 1, 2014.  (Photo by Danny Fulgencio for Advocate Magazine)

Most of these events will include a very fancy and dressed up invitation, and almost all of them will indicate what kind of dress you should be going for, this should be your first hint. If the invitation says cocktail wear, wear a cocktail dress. If it says formal, you should be going for a very formal, ballroom dress or prom style dress. Although most masquerade balls will clearly state, formal masquerade wear, which means, big dresses and lovely fancy lacy masks! If the invitation doesn’t indicate what kind of dress code is expected you shouldn’t be afraid to ask the host, when you call to rsvp, casually slip in a ‘So is this a fancy dress, high heel kind of party?

2. Forget the latest trends, choose a dress that suits your body shape

masquerade-dressI know, I know, but so-an-so will be wearing this and she’ll look gorgeous, even though some girls might go for the trendiest latest dresses available, you will score a load more brownie points if you choose a dress, that’s in a classic cut, but perfectly suits your body shape, highlighting all the right curves and accentuating the right parts of your body. The best advice I was ever given, which I’m going to share with you right now, when in doubt about what to wear, go black! Seriously, and elegantly cut, classic looking black dress, no matter what shape or size will always look stunning and can always be accessorized and spruced up, and you’ll look absolutely drop dead with a black dress and a black Face Lace Mask together, simple but elegant, less is more….you know what I mean here ladies!

3. Go for a Face Lace Mask that’s simple and easy to wear

masquerade-vogue-parisThis is probably one of the most irritating parts of going to a masquerade ball, having to choose what kind of mask to wear, do you get one that sits on a string around your head, and risk having your hairdo constantly messed up all night, or do you go for a hand held mask that’s going to become an irritation after a while as your arm will be up half the night…well let me let you in on a little secret, YKIT now has a vast range of stick on, face lace masks, that are absolutely to die for! These masks stay on all night, look mesmerising and will give your entire look an enchanting effect. The best part is you can just order your face lace mask online and have it delivered straight to your door!

6. Go for make-up and hair that’s going to compliment your mask and outfit!

masquerade-mask-red-eyesIf you are planning on wearing a Face Lace mask to the ball, which you should be, then you need to very carefully choose what you’ll be doing with your hair and make-up, as you don’t want to go to crazy on these, as the mask will already be a massively main-stage feature to your entire look for the night. Here are some of my top make-up tips:

  • Go for make-up that’s long wear and maybe even water proof, so that you don’t need to be worrying about touch ups all night.
  • Go for a very plush and neutral blush colour, there’s going to be a lot going on with your mask on, and you don’t want your cheeks looking as if they’ve sunken into your face, so blush those baby’s up.
  • Eyes, eyes and more eyes! Ladies, if you’re wanting an even more alluring effect to your look than you already have with your mask, why not get a pair of deep red contact lenses, or intense blue contact lenses, to make your eyes pop out from underneath your mask! Whichever colour you choose, pick a light shade of that in eye shadow and you’re sorted!
  • Your lips need to bold and deep! Go for dark reds and crimsons, to make sure your seductive side shines through.

Lastly make sure that you have your hair done properly! Whether you’re going to the hairdressers or doing your own hair, and whichever do you choose you want to make sure you don’t have hair in your face, if you’re going to long loose bouncy curls, make sure you’ve pinned the hair hanging in your face towards the back, and the same goes for if you’re doing an up do! Your face and mask will be centre stage tonight, so make sure it’s not being hidden behind a mane of hair!

Lastly….make sure you have an amazing time!

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Eye Make-Up for Brilliantly Blue Eyes

blue-eyed-bannerAs hard as some may think it is to do-up your eyes with something striking and bold enough to make them stand out, it really is not, you just need to remember a few simple rules when applying your eye make-up on. Today I’ll be focusing on blue eyes only, blue eyes that need to brighten up brilliantly with the use of applying certain make-up strategies to your everyday routine. So if you have blue eyes or wear blue contact lenses often, these tips will no doubt come in handy on the days you really want to make your eyes pop.

1. Strategically Ease in Blue Shadows

blue-eye-blue-shadowOK, so just because you have blue eyes, doesn’t mean you need to be covering your eyelids in blue eye shadow, this really is a trick that you need to stick to if you have blue eyes or wear blue contact lenses. BUT, there is a small tweak to this trick…you CAN wear blue eye shadows, if you’re choosing shades or tones in a completely different blue shade from your eyes blue, so if you have dark blue eyes, apply a little bit of light blue shadow won’t cause any harm, and vice versa, if you have very baby blue eyes, try a sensual blend of dark blues and blacks and watch your eye colour pop. Although this is a shade you should avoid most days, and only get crafty with on the days that you’re feeling adventurous, as it can get complicated layering on blue after blue after blue.

2. Sheer Shadow

blue-eyed-beautySo with all the different tricks that you can play around with your eyes, working in a sheer and shimmery eye shadow is a perfectly gorgeous and super sassy look. The shine and glow of a perfectly selected sheer eye shadow will highlight all the best blues in your eyes and bring them out to the front, making your blue eyes or contact lenses stand out even brighter than normal. Remember that if you’re using a sheer eye shadow you want to use a good eye primer, so that the sheer sits in place, and doesn’t end up giving your entire face a glow!

3. Matte Shadow

blue-eyed-lovelySo if you decide that the sheer thing isn’t for you, and you’d rather go for more matt layer of eye shadow, you’re lucky, because matt eye shadows will absolutely give a striking and bold look to your blue eyes, and is actually the best choice to go for if you’re looking for an office look. The matt can actually brighten your eyes up a lot more than normally, and bring them out a lot more. Using matt shadows work perfectly on blue eyes in the day time, although if you’re not changing before going out that night, just add a slight bit of shimmer on top of the matt shadows to give your eyes a bit of an alive feel.

4. Naughty Navy Eyeliners

blue-eyelinerSo because you have blue eyes, or are an avid blue contact lens wearer, you want to be able to choose the right make-up when enhancing your eyes, and even though this might seem like the least effective trick, it actually makes a great difference to all the blue-eyed lasses. Instead of applying the ever-so boring pitch black eyeliner that you’re normally used to using, choose a rich navy blue eye liner, it will come across as black at first but the blue tones and hues in the navy will bring out all the blue in your eyes like never before! This a great little trick to use every day, no matter what you’re wearing, it really is quite beautiful.

5. Overlapping Colours

Blue-Eyes-Eyeliner-Makeup-TipsThe fact that you have blue eyes makes you quite lucky, because you can actually play around with a ton of different colours, so don’t be scared to experiment with different shades and tones. If you’re going to try out the shimmer trick that I mentioned above, why not choose two different shimmer colours, perhaps a lighter brown shimmer combined with a darker gold/bronze shimmer will work beautifully together and are actually the best to two colours to use if you’re heading to the bonfire beach party tonight and need something to make your eyes look and feel natural, yet also add a sense of magical flair to them!

6. Stick to Simple

blue-eyed-eylinerI think what I love the most about wearing my blue contact lenses is that they really create this naturally gorgeous and beautiful colour in my eyes that I really don’t need to dress up my make-up that much to create a full and striking look! You really don’t need to use tons of make-up and shadows and liners to frame your eyes and show off their beauty, in all honesty, less is more, so stick to simple dainty applications of make-up, moderation is key. The blue tones in your eyes will naturally cause beauty to your overall look as it is

So there you have it ladies, as you can see, there are so many different tricks that you’ll find out there that are going to help you enhance your blue contact lenses or your natural blue eyes, that you don’t need to have a full book of advice on the meter. If you stick to these simple tricks you are guaranteed to make those beautifully blue eyes of your pop like never before!

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Phyllis Cohen the Face Fanatic


The great and wonderful Phyllis Cohen! This inspiring, talented and somewhat bonkers make-up artist has been around since the 80’s and is probably most famous right now for her Face Lace series, which by the way, will be launching soon with!

Having been in the make-up industry for so many years, Cohen has worked on some phenomenal projects and worked with some unbelievably talented and wacky musicians and celebrities, and amazingly enough, Phyllis has no actual formal make-up training. Although, Phyllis has been concocting unbelievable surreal make-up masterpieces for almost 40 years now, and her amazing skills, which is more of a gift than anything else, is mostly thanks to her fortunate upbringing and ability to attend two of the most renowned Art Schools on the planet. At the mere age of 19, Phyllis went straight out her high school career and signed up for the Illustration course at the Art Centre in Pasadena, California, where of course she completely kicked butt! Cohen then spent the next 10 years exploring the world and working on creating and designing all kinds of artworks, from sketchbooks, to canvas’s, to body painting and wall murals. She then landed up in London town and decided that she was going to start a Fine Arts course at The Goldsmith College, where she went on to obtain a BA and a Master’s Degree. This opened up even more doors for her, exposing her to an unbelievably massive amount of new and fun skill and talent.


So, as I mentioned before, Phyllis has worked on so many crazy and cool projects that I’m sure she’s lost count herself, although when you create such awe-inspiring work can you really forget?! Cohen made a point to go that extra mile and step far, far out of the box when creating her trend-setting make up features. Admired by all aspiring make-up artists worldwide, Phyllis is famous for referring to herself as the Face Fanatic, and with good reason, this woman has truly created everything from intricate, bold, slightly crazy and ever-so awesome artwork. I call it artwork, because Cohen doesn’t simply just do make-up, no, she creates masterpieces on people faces and bodies. Using all kinds of materials, from wacked out white contact lenses to create a time-warped effect on her models, to creating thick and bold canvas-style painting on women’s back, this very talented make-up artist knows how to create a show-stopping look.

As with so many success stories, they don’t just happen overnight, and Phyllis had to work her little butt off to get where she is today, but she sure did manage to work with some amazing people. In the mid-80’s Phyllis did some amazing work for the Zandra Rhodes Fashion Shows where she successfully created some awe-inspiring face piecing on her models, making face pieces out of fabric, latex and a variety of rhinestones and beads, giving them the most incredible effect. It was this part of her career that actually inspired her to create the Face Lace range which has made her as famous as she is now.


One of my favourite projects which Cohen played a massive role in was when a picture was commissioned and requested by RMI to very cleverly advertise the release of the ‘Back’ catalogue by Pink Floyd. The idea was that they would paint each album ever released by Pink Floyd onto the backs of six very sexy women. It took Phyllis only six hours to paint all the girls’ backs on her own and, wow, did she do a good job! What a massive project to work on, she was probably most proud of this one project. Although Cohen was also the make-up artist of David Bowie for years, who was extremely famous for always sporting some wild and wonderful make-up looks, that his fans just adored, Bowie loved anything that was original and unique and was also very often seen wearing wacky contact lenses to enhance his look.

So make sure that you check back with us soon, as The Face Fanatic will be launching her Face Lace with us, right here at but in the meantime why not get yourself some wacky white out contact lenses, and get prepared for when your Face Lace can be ordered.

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The Right Clothing to be matched with Men’s Eye Colours

sexy-blue-eyesOK, so let’s be honest men, most of you are really not that great at pairing the right colours together when you get dressed in the morning, never mind the right clothes to be wearing with your colour eyes, so today we’ll be chatting about the right clothing to be matched with men’s eye colours, and which colours and styles would be suit your eye colour. You want to be able to choose the proper coordinating colours when you’re getting dressed in the morning, because certain colours won’t match your luscious blue eyes, and might even make them look dull and lifeless, and that’s not want you want is it boys? You should want to boost and enhance the natural colour in your eyes, and sometimes a fabulous pair of blue toned eye lenses will help bring out the brilliantly blue tones and shades in your eyes. Contact lenses is a great little addition to add to your wardrobe, and whether you’re going to go for you natural colour of a completely different colour from your own eyes, this nifty little article will help you along with what to wear with your eye colour.

So working on building up a wardrobe of matching colours is really something that is essential for dressing with style every day! Like I’ve already mentioned you need to remember that your eye colour can be the key holder to everything that you should and shouldn’t be wearing. So let’s make sure that those distinct and bold eyes of yours are showed off. Don’t panic guys, I know what you must be thinking, (am I reading the Cosmo here?), don’t worry though, I’m not about to give you a 500 word review on the latest mascara. I’ll simply be giving you a quick and easy dress code guide on how and what to wear, which will help make your eyes the centre of attention and give your overall look a wicked cool and unique distinction.

Minor Details…

tanned-eyesThere are certain things that should be carried out no matter what colour you’re wearing, making sure that you’re beard or moustache is properly groomed is an absolute must. If you’re more of a clean shaven kind of guy, even better, just make sure that you’re doing a good job of it and that your hair is neat or ‘strategically shaggy’ enough for people to not be focused on how sloppy you look, but instead be focused on those gorgeous eyes. Secondly, by having a bronzed and golden tan you will definitely help boost the colour in your eyes, and also give your skin a healthy glow. The bronzy tones of your tan will give your eyes that vibrant pop that you’re after, especially if you have very light or pale coloured eyes. Thirdly, don’t skip out on sleep! Getting very little sleep won’t help you in this department at all, so make sure you’re sleeping a proper amount of hours so that you don’t wake up with red and tired looking eyes. You could always use some good quality eye drops for those morning when you have been working the night away, or really just couldn’t get away from the dance club, but try not make it a regular occurrence, the last thing you want it be known as the guy with the bloodshot eyes. Using good eye drops will help keep your eyes moisturised, clean and fresh looking, so it’s good to have a bottle handy, especially if you’re using contact lenses. Last, but certainly not least, drink plenty, and I mean plenty of water, and make sure you’re eating a load of carrots too, it wasn’t just an old wives tale that your grandmother used to tell you, carrots will actually keep your eyes healthy and youthful for years.

The perfect combination of Clothing and Colour

OK, so lets get to the most important part here! One of the best ways to highlight the colour in your eyes and accentuate the underlying tones is by wearing shirts, tops and sometimes even hats or scarves that will help heighten that gorgeous colour in your eyes. These shades will complement the natural tones and shades in your eyes or contact lenses, but please don’t start wearing only these colours, try them every now and then to see how the colour works on your eyes, play around and see which one of the suggested colours best suits your shade of blue or green or brown perfectly. Remember, not all blue eyes are the same, so certain colours may be better than others.

Gorgeously Green Eyes

green-eyes-green-shirtThis must be my favourite shade of colour to see in a guy’s eyes, from yellow greens to aqua greens, some men are even lucky enough to have olive or grey tones of green in their eyes. If you don’t have naturally green eyes and want to give them a try, get a pair of green contact lenses and experiment with the look to see if you like how they work with your skin tone and hair. Either way, in my opinion, you’re a lucky guy if your eyes are green. Surprising as this may sound, if you’re going for a green-eyed look, you need to try out a shirt or top in the same shade green as your eyes, and this will emphasize the green tones in your eyes and bring them out a lot more than if you were wearing say a white or pink top! If you can’t find a top in the exact colour tone of your eyes, try out various other shades of green, you’ll be surprised at how the tone of the green in your shirt will find that tone of green in your eyes and bring it out to the front! You could also try a contrasting colour with your green eyes, if you have very light green eyes, I would say experiment with a black or dark navy top, but if you have very dark and rich green eyes, go for a light, almost white coloured top and watch the colour in your eyes pop!

Beautifully Brown Eyes

orlando-bloom-cream-topI love brown eyes, mostly because I have naturally brown eyes and think that men can look so lusciously handsome with brown eyes. There are various shades and tones of brown eyes that you can have when you’re a brown-eyed guy, from warm dark browns, to lighter, almost yellow toned hazel brown. The problem with brown eyes is that they often don’t get highlighted properly, as they can very easily be ‘hidden’ so to say. If your eyes aren’t naturally brown and you want to try out some brown contact lenses, go for it, but remember that if you’re a very light blue or super light green eyed guy that a dark brown will look very harsh on your eyes at first, so try and choose a lighter hazel tones brown lens to blend in with your lighter eyes below the lens. Once again if your eyes are brown you want to be trying on tops that are in various shades of nut-browns, beiges, creams and khaki’s as the same tones of your eyes will bring out your eyes more. Earthy tones with bring out those browns in your eyes, more yellow and lighter brown will bring out the lighter browns in your eyes, so play around and see which colours suit you best. If you’re looking to contrast your brown eyes, go for a bright orange or red top, this will make your brown us very much visible!

Bold Blue Eyes

blued-boys-yumOh blue-eyed boys are probably the most popular among the ladies aren’t they!? Although some guys just do not know what to wear to show off their lush and divinely sexy blue eyes, and this is mainly because blue eyes come in so many different shades of blue, from very bright sky blue, to light and icy blue, to warmer more darker violet blues, to greenish or grey blue shades of blue! Many of you guys without blue eyes are always keen on trying out the blue eyed look, but need to be very careful when choosing blue contact lenses that you don’t choose a shade of blue so different from your own eye colour that the blue will look fake and animatic, so if you have dark eyes, go for a darker shade of blue and if you have lighter green eyes, go for a lighter or even grey shade of blue contacts as they will fit perfectly over your eyes. So once again when pairing up your shirts of tops with your blue eyes, you want to look for a top that is either the same shade of your blue eyes, although as with green eyes, and shade of blue could work beautifully with your eyes as the tones in your shit will ‘find’ that tone in your eyes and make it pop, which could give your eyes a different kind of blue with each top that you wear. Again, contrast is always good very good with blue eyes, so if your eyes are light baby blue, wear a pitch black top and watch them baby’s pop like you’ve never seen them before, and if you have dark blue eyes, go for a very light or white top and you’ll have the girls swooning!

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The Top 5 Trending Beauty Twists this Summer


makeup-trens-bannerSummer is definitely here, and it’s in full-blown kick butt mode this year, with so many places to go, and so many people to see, we’ve complied a super simple and easy list of the top 5 trending beauty twists this summer, so that there’s no hassle getting ready for your trip to the beach or your night out with a hot date. This summer has seen some whack and crazy look, but surprisingly enough, and this is word from the catwalks, that the look this summer is to go as natural and organic as possible, with random pops of colour, especially with lip colours and strikingly bright green and blue eyes, so if you’re a brown eyed girl and want to sport some entrancingly blue or green eyes this summer, make sure you get yourself some seductive and sublime natural green or blue eyed contact lenses, and you’ll be on your way to trendsetting yourself perfectly into summer mode.

The Unconcealed Look

mark-jacobs-bare-facedPossibly one of the most influential men in the fashion industry, Mr Marc Jacobs himself has been making waves with his Summer 2015 catwalk Fashion show where is was sending his models out with literally no make-up on at all. Apparently the most frequently heard phrases heard backstage at his show ere ‘real’, ‘minimal’ and ‘natural’. His models were going onstage, with not even the tiniest bit on foundation on, take note that this is the first time in fashion history that a model has ever stepped on stage without an ounce of make-up on! Talk about making a statement, plus the wash and go hair, was quite popular throughout the entire show. So I guess your morning routine will be way easier if you’re going to go for the bare-faced and unconcealed look this summer. Bonus!

The Half Bold Lined Eye

hal-eye-linerOne very trusty and beloved piece of make-up that will never and has never gone out of style is our black eyeliner, which BTW work gorgeously on outer rims if you’re a contact lens wearer. Although, apparently the ‘right’ way to wear black eyeliner this summer of 2015 is by running it from only the middle of the eyes and extend it out past the outer corners. Fashion legends by the likes of Prada, Céline, and Narciso Rodriguez have been strutting this look on their models all summer long, and it seems to be taking on quite well! However, take note that this is not like the retro cat-eye look that we’re used to, but a straighter, strong and bold line of eyeliner, which will give you more of a graphic effect. If you’re getting bored of using black eyeliner though, why not be a little daring and spontaneous like Peter Phillips did with his Fendi and Cristian Dior models and apply some colourful strips of fabric in place of the eyeliner!

Welcome Back Red Lips

crazy-red-lipsOh doll faces around the world can completely rejoice in their lipstick frenzies and whip out their boxes of lipstick! Every single hue and shade of red imaginable was used at all the Spring and Summer Fashion shows this year, and this after the almost entirely lipstick-free season of autumn (which I’m glad is over). Oh welcome back old friend of ours, you can used this tip to whichever extent your heart desires, from orange tinged red’s which were used at the MIssoni shows, to the bold and beautiful scarlet shades which were used at the Zac Posen shows. Models, celebs and everyday girls all over the globe are totally embracing this new look, and showing off their bright, warm and sometimes even dark red lips, we love it! This is one look that looks absolutely ravishing with blue or green eyed girls, , so if you’re a brown eyed girl, get yourself a set of natural green or blue eye lenses to pull this look off to perfection!

Embrace the Sweaty Look

sweaty-face-lookThis one has completely blown me off guard, but in all honesty, I’m actually quite liking the look of the shiny and sweaty faced girls that are no longer wearing heavy matt powders on their skin and decidedly going for a dewy and naturally shiny look. This is actually pretty perfect for the summer, because as it is, you’re going to be sweating, and if that’s the look you’re going for, you don’t need to constantly be running to the ladies room to touch up your skin with some more powder. Donna Karan and Simone Rocha have even been using lip gloss on their models eyelids, which very stunningly reflects the light, we even heard Marc Jacobs using the word sweaty with some of his make-up artists, and with the likes of Andrew Gallimore taking things a step further and actually creating sweat-like beads with gel, which he applied to the girls faces. Some of the models sweaty looks went a bit far for my liking though, where the ‘sweat look’ was even extended to their hairlines and hair itself….not a fan, but I think a slightly glowing look is fabulous!

Them Woodstock Lasses

starred-gfacesApparently Emilio Pucci felt like he needed to bring back the Seventies with his fashion show, and he wasn’t alone, everyone Marchesa and Anna Sui were seen getting their models ready in all kinds of seventies inspired attire and styles. Let’s see, think denim, denim and more denim! So in a way it really does make sense that this era episode had a moment of beauty and the ever so popular Woodstock Waves were brought back with a bang and have been making waves ever since. Lasses on the beach, ladies in the office, girls in the club are strutting their natural and hippie-inspired waves this summer! Tommy Hilfiger has little shimmery star painted on his models faces and the bold and shiny eyes that were glittering at the House of Holland have set quite a funky trend for this summer, a very undeniable Seventies vibe is in the air.

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Tal Paleg’s Ridiculously Amazing Eyelid Paintings

tal-paleg-eye-make-up-banner OK, so not all of us are make-up artists, or experts in creating phenomenally awesome and show stopping make-up, and if you really struggle to merely draw a perfectly straight line of eye-liner on your eyelids every morning, then Tal Paleg’s ridiculously amazing eyelid paintings will utterly blow you mind away! Tal has been creating magnificent works of art and uber superb eye-make that really does look like paintings, inspired by everything from plates of food to fairy tales. For a few years now Tal has been recreating the images that she sees on her own eyelids and posting them onto her Instagram and Facebook pages.

Tal Paleg who lives in Israel has been blogging for some time now as well, and likes to describe herself as a visual artist, and not just a make-up artist, but also a designer and photographer, although her heavily followed Facebook page and Instagram following is mostly due to the wickedly cool art works that she creates on her eye lids, using fabulous combinations of make-up, face paint and radical eye contact lenses, and that’s what we’ll mainly be getting stuck into today! Paleg has created hundreds of different designs, from yummilicious foodie inspired art works, to cute kitten art works, to Disney Princess inspired works, and has even worked on more serious work, like when she did an eye-catching and very important piece for an anti-bullying campaign, which is actually one of her more favourite pieces. By mixing her knowledge of art, illustration, design and photography, which she has very eagerly been interested in since she was just a child, has allowed this very talented and inspirational 29-year old, to come up with some jaw dropping and absolutely stunning masterpieces, and this all on her eyelids! I still can’t get over the amazing make-up and illustrations that she creates on her eyelids. Have a look at these three, which the Tal says are her ultimate favourite art works to date.


This first one is the anti-bullying design that Tal did for a campaign. The powerful message that comes with it has touched many people affected by bullying. The black cate playing with a ball of wool is quite a sentimental one, as its deicated to Tal’s cat that passed away. The princess and the pea is by far one of Tal’s favourtite, as she says totally in love with how it turned out.

Tal has always been inspired by make-up and art, since she was a child she was always dressing her little sister up in fancy clothes and playing fake photo shoots with her. Once Paleg hit high school, she was taking acting classes as she initially always wanted to be an actress,tal_peleg_foodie but found herself wanting to always do all her colleagues make-up, and that’s where all this really started. An artist, and especially Paleg, loves to use anything and everything as a canvas, and she has always felt that a girls make-up shouldn’t just look pretty but should tell a story at the same time as making her feel gorgeous. Tal likes to grab inspiration for her work from everyday life, movies that she’s watched, fairy tales that she’s read, foods that are pretty and anything else that tugs at her attention and creative strings! Apparently Tal has concocted a small little ‘idea bank’ where she keeps pictures, photos, stories and anything else that she can use as inspiration for her works, and she’ll often pop into her ‘bank ‘and grab a couple of ideas and start and create a make-up look. Somehow with her talented make-up and illustration techniques, Tal recreates amazing and awe-inspiring looks, by painting whatever inspires her on her eyelids.

As much as Tal has created beautifully gorgeous artworks with her make-up looks, she also has quite a serious side to her art, and has created pieces that have been inspired from places that aren’t as happy as fairy tales and princesses, places like her grandmothers dementia, symptoms of the manically depressed, bullying and even the story of Anne Frank have been some of her inspirations.


What Tools and Techniques is Tal Using?

You would think that creating pieces like this requires some intense amounts of make-up tal-paleg-red-eyeand crazy skill right? Well the crazy skill part is on par, but surprisingly Tal sticks with using ordinary eye-shadows, loose pigments, Aquacolours, eyeliners and some cool and funky contact lenses, which finish off the look she’s trying to go for. Mixing her textures and playing around with different techniques like mixing her loose eye-shadows with water or gel have given her some fabulous and surprising results.Now I know what you’re all thinking, there must be some airbrushing involves, but funny enough, the only thing Tal uses her air brush kit for is to apply her foundation when she wants a really smooth and perfected ‘canvas’ to work with. The eye-art that she creates is just way too small and miniscule to air brush. Tal uses a magnifying mirror so that she can see exactly what she’s doing, precise detailing is a must if you’re wanting to create art that small, and so are precision brushes. Tal uses a ton of make-up brushes but also buys a lot of her brushes from the art store as she really needs to have the tiniest of brushes to work on her miniature art works.

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6 Easy Tricks to get your Make-up Looking like a Celebrity’s!


So of course, we’re all pretty much aware how celebrities’ have teams of make-up professionals helping them achieve their gorgeously smooth and perfected looks throughout the year, well here at FourEyez we’ve decided it’s time to reveal 6 easy tricks to get your make-up looking like a celebrity’s! In all honesty, you really don’t need an entourage of make-up pro’s to achieve some very simple but striking movie-star looks this summer!

We’ve compiled an easy and simple to follow list of ‘DIY’ make up tricks that will teach you the techniques and easy steps to achieving some of the most flawless and smooth looks of Hollywood’s finest. From J-Lo’s timeless and eternal complexion to Rihanna’s perfected eyebrows! The best part about these ridiculously stunning make-up tricks is that you can pair them up with some of our immaculate natural-feel contact lenses to perfect your look to an even higher level that you would expect!

 Rihanna’s Perfected Brows

If you want to recreate Rihanna’s ravishingly aristocratic and perfect brow shape, you’ll need to start off by making 100% sure that the inner edges of your eyebrows are perfectly in line with the top part of your nostrils, this will ensure that your brows start off in the ideal position and don’t have an off-setting ‘position’ on your face. For the next step you’ll need one of these cute spoolie eyebrow brushes which you’ll use to gently sweep your brows upwards. Next you need to use an eyebrow powder, and try to pick a palate colour that is one shade lighter than your natural colour, otherwise it’s going to look like your brows have been painted on, and you don’t want that! Start just underneath your eyebrow and slowly work your way upwards, this is going to help you create a very defined and perfected edge. Right at the top of your eyebrows, use a slightly lighter powder to fill in any patches that you may have missed. This will give you Rihanna’s gorgeous borrow look, to make this look even more appealing, why not pair it up with a set of daring and striking naturally green eye-lenses.

Rosie ‘s Curiously Contoured Cheekbones

rosie-huntington-whiteley-contouringAlthough heavy and over the top contouring may not be ideal in the summer, using Rosie’s subtle technique rot achieve chiselled and dignifiedly elegant cheekbones will definitely score you some points with the guys and gals at your summer party! Firstly you’ll need to apply your foundation as per normal, making sure that you haven’t left any streaky points anywhere, and that you have hit all the corners of your face, making sure that your foundation and evenly been blended into your skin and onto your neck so that you don’t look like a make-up doll. Once you’ve achieved the perfect foundation, suck your cheeks in and look at where the shadows naturally fall on your face, then with a contour brush, apply a foundation that is at least 2 shades darker that the one you used on your own complexion, and apply this under your cheekbones. Make sure that you buff away any uneven lines with the contour brush so that your skin looks natural and properly blended. Lastly, to complete the look, just gently dust some blush on the apples of your cheeks and add a light highlighter onto the top of your cheekbones, giving it a laminated finish! Rosie has gorgeously grey-green eyes, so if you’re keen on achieving her whole look, pair this look up with a set of naturally grey contact lenses.

J-Lo’s Lusciously Luminous Highlighter

jennifer-lopez-highlighterIf you already have stunning and striking eyes, and are looking for a way to brighten them up and improve the glow of your natural complexion, J-Lo has already perfected this technique for you, all you need to do is use her secret weapon of choice: HIGHLIGHER! Simply use that ever-so-dedicated curved contour brush of yours to blend in a shimmery cream highlighter onto the top of your cheekbones, under the arch of each eyebrow and delicately in the centre of your forehead. Buy sticking to this faithful J-Lo rule, you’ll be able to exaggerate all the parts of your face where the light naturally falls and give your skin a more youthful and radiant look and feel!

Karlie Kloss’ Non-Fake Lifted Lashes

karlie-kloss-eyelashesIf you really need to elevate your ‘eye-look’ this summer, then why not steal Karlie Kloss’ uber-curled lashes, without even needing to use falsies! Yes, it’s true! You can totally achieve the long lash look, without having to glue on some falsies, you simply need to get yourself an eyelash curler, and by starting from the actual root of each eyelash, gently press the curler a couple of times from the root to the tip to achieve a maximum curl effect and then follow this up with 3 to 4 coats of some of your favourite mascara, try and go for a mascara that has a good reputation of adding volume to lashes, my personal favourite is Maybelline’s Define-a-Lash Mascara which really grabs each and every lash and bring it up, giving you that perfected long lash look, and because the brush on this mascara is so well structured you won’t need to brush your lashes afterward, as there’ll be no clump build up.

Kendall Jenner’s Seductively Creamy Lips

kendall-lipsThis summer is all about creamy and lusciously creamy looking lips, and Kendall Jenner seems to be perfecting this look with a brighter, glossier and more shimmery summer lip! So trade in your boring winter matte lips and go for a Jenner pop of summer colour. Ok, so as much as this may freak some of your out, start off your lip routine with a lip liner (I know…eeeek!), but choose a liner that is closely matched to the colour of your lipstick so that match up in the end. Once you’ve lined your lips perfectly, fill in your lips completely with the actual lip liner, this is a vital step that will make sure that you don’t sit with a sad line of lip liner after your lipstick fades. To finish off the Kendall look, apply your lipstick evenly over your lips, but use a lip brush so that you have control over how much product you’re applying.

Cara Delevingne’s Sultry Summer Smoky Eye

Cara-Delevingne-smoky-bronze-eyesThe smoky eye look is usually used in the colder winter months but somehow Cara has managed to pill of this smoky eye look so that it is just soft and perfect enough for the warmer summer season. By using a flat concealer brush, apply a good quality eye primer all over the lid of your eyes, then proceed to dust a neutral but sheer shadow from your lash line, all the way up to your brow bone, with a larger shadow brush. Next, choose a bronze-brown eye shadow and apply this all over the lid as well as into the crease with a smaller shadow brush, this will have you half way!
You’ll want to choose a very small and compact shadow brush, and draw a thin line of shadow across your upper eyelash line, but on the outer half of the eyelid. Now by using the exact same eye-brush, you want to create a very graphic cat-eye shape, don’t let this step freak you out though, all you need to do is follow the natural curvature of your lower lash line upwards and out! Simple and easy! Now just top off this look with a few thick layers of mascara on both your top and bottom lashes. Cara has striking and stunningly grey-green eyes, which stand out beautiful in the darkness of her smoky make up, you can easily achieve this look by getting some grey-green contact lenses to top off your look!

Happy Summer Ladies!

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Look Younger by Combining Contact Lenses with the Strobbing Technique

Make-up-with-contactsThe internet has been going crazy for the last couple of weeks about this new and latest make-up craze, The Strobbing Technique, which is apparently the next best thing since contouring was made so popular by Kim Kardashian! This ‘Strobbing’ technique really is just good old fashioned highlighting, which if you can pull of perfectly plus add in some striking contact lenses, you’ll really be giving you face a fresh and young glowing feel, perfect for summer days and nights.


Ok, so even if this “strobing” technique isn’t really as new as you thought it was, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t give it a go! Now, obviously you need to remember there’s always a right way and a wrong way to do things, especially with make-up tricks, the last thing you want is people thinking a disco ball exploded on your face. I would suggest steering far and clear away from metallic high-beam highlighters and instead try and focus on getting subtle and creamy formulas to work with. There really is a fine line between a nice glowing skin and a gleaming shine, try and avoid all the sparkly and shimmering products, you want to go for more of a glistening product.

The trick here is to try and highlight your features in the most natural way possible, I would recommend getting started with a tinted moisturiser and not using anything matt as a base, and then use a highlighter to the highest parts of your cheekbones or even your brow bones. If naturally have an oily skin aka a little luminous, try using a very light highlighting powder on all the areas on your face that gets touched by the light. If you’re a little nervous that you’re going to be way too glimmer, you could also just rock this natural glow by adding in a highlighting eye shadow!

So now that you have the ‘strobing’ down, and know what to do and not to do with your make-up, let’s get talking about the kind of contact lenses you want to get for your eyes to give them a more youthful and bright feel! If you’re really eager on getting some contact lenses to brighten up your eyes and really get them to glow and pop with colour then make sure that when you’re choosing your contact lenses that you go for a pair of contacts that have an accent colour, which intensifies your natural colour, without having to completely change the colour of your eyes, but just exaggerate them a tad bit! Try finding a pair of contact lenses that have a perfect blend two or more colours which will make them pop even more, yet still make your eyes look natural and younger.

strobing-make-upNow if you decide to go for a an even more effective and age defying contact lens, I would recommend choosing a pair of contact lenses that have a darker and almost black circle around the edge of the circled lens, as this will definitely take your eyes back a couple of years giving them that youthful and intense look at the same time. Going for a set of Blue Glamour Contact Lenses, for example, won’t just add a tiny, tasteful bit of colour to your eyes, but they’ll also highlight the colour of your eyes with a darker outer boarder of the iris, which according to recent studies easily becomes less distinct over the years and gets a more ‘washed out’ look as get older.

Please don’t forget that if you’re going to be using make up and contact lenses at the same time, that it really is best to put your contacts in first, and with washed, clean and dry hands before applying any make-up and make an extra effort to find make-up that is oil-free, because the last thing you want is blood-shot, infected eyes with your stunning make-up!

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Prepping for New York Comic Con 2015!

comic-con-contact-super-mario-zombieWith the New York Comic Con only 4 months away, (the 8th-11th October to be exact) it’s high time to start planning, prepping, crafting and creating your outfits, so that you can head to one of the biggest and most exciting culture conventions held on the East Coast of the USA, looking and feeling like a proper decked out Comic Con fan!

Some of the die-hard Comic Con fans will know that this is not just a mediocre event, and even though many comic book fans and geeks will just go dressed as themselves, if you’re looking to experience the real and authentic life of what Comic Con really is, and you don’t mind dressing up a little, then in all honestly, you CAN NOT just throw on some face and an outfit that you bought online at a cheap price! Oh no, if you are creating and coming up with all the right ingredients to envision yourself as one of your favourite characters for the Comic Con world.comic-con-white

The New York Comic Con was attended by a whopping 151,000 devotees and supporters in 2014, making it pretty much one of the biggest and most fantastical comic book and pop culture conventions in the world! So if you’re planning on going this year, you need to really start making a check list of everything you’ll need to do and get ready for this life changing event!


1.  A place to rest your head!

comic-con-sleepsLooking for somewhere to sleep and chill out at the Comic Con in New York can become a costly one subject, so if you’re looking at saving some of your hard earned cash to instead spend on your outfit and Green Hulk Contact lenses, then why not check out some of the local Backpackers or Hostels for your stay in New York? Or, if you’re going with a group of your buddies, why not consider looking at AirBnB for a funky New York apartment to rent for the few days that you’ll be there!

2.  Parking

comic-con-walking-transportOk, seriously, who wants to deal with trying to find parking for hours, when you could be checking out all the crazy eyed characters at the Comic Con! Make sure you know all the rules and regulations of the Convention Centre’s Parking system, as some of them are just downright odd, with certain locking times and some of them will expect you to pay as much as $50 a day, not cool! Consider trying to book your accommodation as close to the Comic Con as possible so that you can catch a quick cab, bus, train or even take a walk down a few blocks to get there.

3.  Food

comic-con-eating-foodAs much as you may look like a superhero with you radical outfit and striking red contact lenses popped in your eyes, you have to eat! This is one you can’t avoid, and apparently this year, there will be some great food trucks on site to provide all the Flash, Skywalker and Batman’s with yummy and delish food, so if you don’t mind spending money on some scrumptious artisan food to munch on during the day then this is a great option, otherwise think about throwing in a few muesli bars or trail mixes in your backpack to snack on throughout the day, this will save you time and money!

4.  To Cosplay or Not To Cosplay

comic-con-green-contactsThe biggest question to the entire Comic Con Experience! Will you be being cosplaying at the Comic Con this year or not, and if you are planning on cosplaying, you need to have a game plan in play! You need to consider that if you’re going to cosplay at Comic Con that this is an entire event in itself, you’ll have fans wanting to take photos of and with you most of the time and if you’re cool with that, then go ahead and start planning your outfit now, get some wicked cosplay contact lenses and no matter what you choose, make sure that you get it ready way in advance and give it a couple of trial runs first to make sure it will last the challenges of Comic Con. Also keep in mind that if you really do want to just attend the convention and check out all your favourite characters and chat with the super intelligent creators then perhaps you should just go dressed as yourself for one or two of the days, you could always keep you contact lenses in just to freak out the girls that your staring at!

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