Natural Look Hazel Coloured Contact Lenses

The colour of eyes or more specifically the colour of iris, is something that many people either love or loath. Many people are attracted to the opposite sex (or same sex) based on the colour of their eyes, many people will find the romantic puddles of blue eyes alluring. Meanwhile others will find the dark smouldering look from a brown eyed guy irresistible. Today, we are going to look at the hazel eye colour, which is frequently forgotten in the fog of brown, green or blue eyes, and how you can transform your eye colour with the simple use of a special set of contact lenses here at FourEyez. We have a selection of natural look hazel coloured contact lenses to cover your eye colour, giving your eyes a beautiful natural hazel look that won’t look artificial. To know which set of natural look hazel coloured contact lenses is for you, make sure you read on.

Hazel Coloured Contact Lens Starter Kit

3 Tone Hazel Coloured Contact Lens Set

3 Tone Hazel Coloured Contact Lens Set

If you have never worn coloured contact lenses before then do not just start jabbing any old natural look hazel coloured contact lens that you find lying around, into your eye. We want to update your look, not blind you. We advise that you start off with 3 Tone Hazel Coloured Contact Lens Set, the benefit of the set is that you get the natural look hazel coloured contact lenses, lens case, lens tweezers and contact lens solution, all for £19.99 including free delivery.

You may wonder why we only provide the 3 Tone Hazel Colour Contact Lens in the set, rather than a set of contact lenses with only one tone of hazel. The reason is simple, they are not natural. Look at the person on your left … their eyes are not just one tone are they? Now check the person on your right. Unless you want bright red demon eyes, multi-tonal lenses are the way forward. People will truly believe that you have natural hazel coloured eyes with these contact lenses. The tweezers will allow you to place the lens directly over your iris, while the lens solution will keep your eyes fresh and hydrated.

You Can Buy That Sparkle in Your Eye

Glimmer Hazel Coloured Contact Lenses

Glimmer Hazel Coloured Contact Lenses

Unless you are wearing coloured contact lenses because one eye is a different colour to the other, the chances are that you like to mix things up a bit. You will soon get bored of the starter kit, the novelty of having natural hazel eyes will wear off. You listen to your best friend talking about how they met someone with a sparkle in their eye and it gave you an idea.

Although you cannot make someone fall in love with you, you can have a sparkle in your eye. These lenses last up to 90 days (a good few first dates, maybe a couple of second dates too) and they have a subtle metallic finish. Not only does the base of this contact lens alter the colour of your iris, so that it appears to be the rare shade of hazel, but the top layer adds a sparkle enhancing the rich hues of hazel eyes and brightening your complexion.

Hazel Eyes at Affordable Prices

We provide an affordable way of getting the eye colour that you want; all of our lenses last from 90 days, up to one year and are less than £19.99. Check out all of your contact lenses under the “Lens Types” header and we guarantee you will be changing your eye colour as often as you change your bed sheets.

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